Last updated: 25 Jan, 2018

Frequently asked questions on education

Q. What is taught in the Auroville schools? 
A. All regular subjects with special emphasis on languages, arts and sports. 

 Q. Up to what age is schooling available? 
A. Fully organised and structured schooling is available up to the age of 14. At this age, issues of certification become acute and students make a choice. Further structured schooling can be followed till the age of 18 utilising a Free Progress system in Last School, in the Centre for Further Learning for internationally recognised O and A levels, and in After School for Indian examinations. Only one school, NESS (New Era Secondary School) follows a syllabus as prescribed by the Indian school authorities, and therefore it can furnish a legally valid diploma at the end of courses.

 Q: When I would join Auroville with my family, can my children join school straightaway? 
A: If you plan to come to live in Auroville and you have children, please write to the Auroville School Board ( ) as soon as you know for sure that you will come. Some of the classes are presently full and are not able to accept any more students; the Auroville School Board will be able to give you current information. 

 Q: What are the data of your school year? 
A: The school year in the Auroville schools is from July through April. If there is space in the class new students are admitted at the beginning of each term (July, September, January). Parents are advised to come to Auroville some time before the beginning of the school term so that the children have time to get adjusted to the new living conditions. 

 Q: What about language? 
A: The medium of instruction in most of the Auroville schools is English. Your child will have an easier integration if he/she is able to communicate in English. In some instances, before the child joins classes s/he will be asked to join a Welcome Group to help him/her learn English. 
On the other hand, it must be recognized that the children get soon used to communicate in several languages, apart from the one of their parents, which is a great advantage for their formation.
Most of Aurovilian kids speak fluently English, French, Tamil, apart from their native language, and understand the basic of many other of the language spoken in Auroville.