Your Journey in Healing and Transformation

JIVA - Auroville is a growing collaboration of highly experienced Auroville therapists. We offer holistic healing approaches - enhancing the inner process of self-discovery, self-mastery, and living centred around the soul.

Our therapists are deeply involved with Integral Yoga, sharing their inner journey and conscious discovery professionally in their therapeutic work. 

Integral Health Consultation

We offer transformational practices addressing all issues of body, mind, emotion, and soul, for conscious evolution. Our therapeutic approach addresses chronic health issues, emotional well being, improving self-confidence, exploring choices in life, and many more. 

Therapies and Workshops

Mirrabelle Borg Lindemann

Natural Horsemanship, Horse Assisted Therapy, Leadership through Horsemanship

Sigrid Lindemann

Integral Regression Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Advanced classical homeopathy, Integral Yoga

Sandyra Andrassy

Flow game, Energy healing, Coaching

Niyati Thakkar

Integral Healing with Reiki, Integral Regression Therapy

Find detailed information on www.auroville-jiva.com and https://auroville.org/page/horse-to-human

We also cooperate with different Auroville Therapists for several modalities such as:

  1. Vedic Astrology
  2. Hatha Yoga Iyengar, Yoga therapy, Transformational Yoga, Pranayama
  3. Sound Bath, Tibetan Singing Bowls
  4. Systemic constellation & family constellation
  5. Aquatic Body work – WatSu, Liquid Flow, Woga

Besides therapy, we also offer Professional Training in several healing modalities.

Leadership through Horsemanship
Reiki with Niyati
Auroville-Jiva Therapists
Horse Assisted Therapy

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