Last updated: 10 Sep, 2019

Deepanam School for children of 6 to 14 years of age

Located near Matrimandir, Deepanam is an expanding English medium school, started in 2000, and presently attended by some 65 children aged 6 - 14. The school, which is open 8.30am-3.30pm, works towards Free Progress, in collaboration with Transition School, Nandanam and Kindergarten, trying to provide an education that aims at the integral development of the child.

Deepanam School, a primary and middle-level school, is an endeavour towards an increasing understanding, openness and devotion towards Mother and Sri Aurobindo, so as to come to a warm and trustful atmosphere where big and small can progress steadily and truthfully upon their methodology of education.

We believe that creating and maintaining an increasing harmony and beauty in our physical surroundings is the base for greater progress.

A special attempt is made to bring the principle ‘to love to learn’ to the classroom!

“To love to learn is the most precious gift that one can make to a child, to learn always and everywhere.”

The Mother

Deepanam School since October 2006 has been working with the aim wherein the children feel encouraged to be responsible for themselves. For each group, a schedule is made, by teachers and children together. Progressively, children are encouraged to take up more initiative in making their schedules. Several activities happen in mixed-age groups as well, like French, handicrafts, field trips and so on.

We also insist on involving children in daily life at school – this includes arranging the room, cleaning up, working in the garden, cooking, etc.

As part of our educational approach, the school places special emphasis on artistic education, in addition to the usual formal curriculum. Subjects such as painting, music, dance, singing, drama and gardening are considered as important as the regular academics.

It is Deepanam’s aim to have the four key languages – English, French, Sanskrit, Tamil – specified by The Mother fully implemented at all levels.

Deepanam School welcomes Auroville children, newcomers to Auroville, and long-term guest’s children from the age of 7 years to 14 years old.

At present we have 65 full-time students, 12 full-time teachers, and 8 part-time teachers.

We are a fast-growing school with the aim of reaching a 150 student capacity in the next 5 years. 

Ph. 0413-2622450