Last updated: 5 Nov, 2015

Yaroslava's Flowers

by Noel Parent, illustrated by Pankhuri Singh

Yaroslava’s Flowers is a story for all children and anyone with a youthful Heart.  Yaroslava is a little girl who loves flowers so much that she can hear them speak to her.  When the Flower Spirit appears to her and gives her a bag of magic seeds, she embarks on a Journey of the Spirit to discover the healing and transforming power of flowers.  As Yaroslava brings new life to the places and people around her, she also discovers more about herself – through the power of flowers! 
Layout and design by Krupa Jhaveri.
Published by: Self-published/ printed by Auroville Press
Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 26 x 21cm
Language: English
Pages: 48