Volunteering in Auroville

An opportunity to explore life at Auroville
In Auroville we are all volunteers, offering our best energies, our time, and our work, for the accomplishment of a common vision. While Aurovilian resident volunteers have made a life-lasting commitment, temporary volunteers test the waters and usually stay for a defined period of time. 

Every year Auroville receives a growing number of volunteers from all over the world who are attracted by Auroville's efforts in alternative healthcare, ecological practices, building maintenance, renewable energy, primary and secondary education, village outreach, architecture, organic farming, animal care, etc. Many of these volunteers return and some stay on to join the experiment in "human unity" that Auroville represents.

For non-Indians, long term commitments, from 6 to 12 months, are possible; Savi will assist you with the visa formalities.

for more information - please visit http://auroville-learning.net/

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