Banks and ATMs in the Auroville Area

For Your Monetary Needs

If you run out of funds, don’t worry! There are regular banks around Auroville to serve your needs.

Financial Service

In addition to Auroville’s own Financial Service with its two branches at the Town Hall and Aspiration, where many services including foreign currency exchange and encashment of cheques are available, there are two commercial banks within the Auroville area.

State Bank of India

A branch of the SBI (State Bank of India) is located on Kuilapalayam main street. Open Monday-Friday 9 am-3 pm and Sat 9 am-12 pm (second and fourth Saturdays closed) for all normal bank transactions and services including foreign exchange. Downstairs from the bank, there is an ATM facility accepting SBI and HDFC cards. 

Ph. 0413-2622137 or 2622929


Located 30 metres away from SBI in Kuilapalayam, the ICICI branch is open Mon-Fri 9am-3pm and Sat 9am-2pm for all normal bank transactions. There is an ATM facility on site.

For more info, Ph. 0413-2623127/8939861431

ATM Kiosks

SBI (Kuilapalayam)

ICICI (Kuilapalayam)

HDFC (opp. AV Bakery, Kuilapalayam)

Citibank (opp. Purple Hotel)