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做一个真正的黎明之城居民 To be a True Aurovilian









《母亲的议事录》,母亲于 1970年6月讲述


[1] 黎明之城(Auroville):又名曙光之城,曙光村,地球村。请点击这里阅读和下载黎明之城中英文简介。

[2] 母亲(The Mother)简介请点击这里阅读。

Mother Explains How to Live in the World and - for the Divine -  at the Same Time

1. The first necessity is the inner discovery so as to find out what one truly is behind all social, moral, cultural, racial and hereditary appearances.

In the center there is a free being, vast and knowing, which awaits our discovery and must become the acting center of our being and our life in Auroville.

2. One lives in Auroville to be free from moral and social conventions; but that freedom must not be a new slavery to the ego, its desires and ambitions. The fulfilment of desire bars the road to the inner discovery, which can only take place in the peace and transparency of perfect disinterestedness.

3. The Aurovilian must free himself from the sense of personal possession. For our transition in the material world, what is indispensable to our life and action is put at our disposal according to the place we are to occupy. The more we are CONSCIOUSLY in contact with our inner being, the more the exact means are given to us.

4. Work, even manual work, is indispensable to the inner discovery. If one does not work, if one does not put one’s consciousness into matter, it will never develop. To let consciousness organize some matter through one’s body is very good. To put things in order around oneself helps to put things in order in oneself.

One should organize one’s life not according to external and artificial rules, but according to an organized inner consciousness, because if one leaves life alone without imposing on it the control of a higher consciousness, it becomes hazy and inexpressive. It means wasting one’s time, in the sense that matter remains without conscious utilization.

5. The whole earth must prepare for the advent of the new species, and Auroville wants to consciously work to hasten that advent.

6. What this new species is to be will be progressively revealed to us. In the meanwhile, the best way is to consecrate oneself entirely to the Divine.

Mother’s Agenda - 3, 6 & 13 June 1970

[When this was to be published at the end of 1971, Mother added:]

The only true freedom is the one obtained by union with the Divine. One can unite with the Divine only by mastering one’s ego.

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