Last updated: 2 Feb, 2024

智慧箴言:母亲谈微笑 The Mother about smiling

                  母亲 (The Mother)

















The Mother about smiling...

A smile acts upon difficulties as the sun upon clouds—it disperses them.

I don’t think that one can ever smile too much. Someone who knows how to smile in all circumstances is very close to true equality of soul.

Generally speaking, man is an animal who takes himself terribly seriously. To know how to smile at oneself in all circumstances, to smile at one’s sorrows and disillusions, ambitions and sufferings, indignation and revolt—what a powerful weapon with which to overcome oneself!

Learn to smile always and in all circumstances; to smile at your sorrows as well as your joys, your sufferings as well as your hopes, for in a smile there is a sovereign power of self-mastery.

If you can always smile at life, life also will always smile at you.

If one can smile eternally, one is eternally young.

Eternal smile: a kindness only the Divine can give.

You can smile genuinely at an enemy if you are above all insult and offence. This is the primary condition for the yogic attitude.

To smile at an enemy is to disarm him.

Never grumble. All sorts of forces enter you when you grumble and they pull you down. Keep smiling. I seem always to be joking but it is not mere joking. It is a confidence born from the psychic. A smile expresses the faith that nothing can stand against the Divine and that everything will come out all right in the end.

To conquer the difficulties there is more power in a smile than in a sigh.

Ordeals are there for everybody. It is the way in which one faces them that makes the difference. Some have a smile, some make a fuss.

To live within, in constant aspiration towards the Divine—that renders us capable of regarding life with a smile and remaining in peace whatever the external circumstances.

We can contemplate the divine smile when we have conquered our ego.

As for ill-will, jealousy, quarrels and reproaches, one must sincerely be above all that and reply with a benevolent smile to the bitterest words; and unless one is absolutely sure of himself and his reactions, it would be better, as a general rule, to keep silent.

Psychic perfection means to smile at everything.

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