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Health and Wellness - Words of Wisdom

The Mother

The body carries within itself the certitude of cure, the certitude that the illness or disorder is sure to disappear. It is only through the false education from the environment that gradually the body is taught that there are incurable diseases, irreparable accidents, and that it can grow old, and all these stories which destroy its faith and trust.

31 Jul 1957, Pg 164, Vol 09, CWM

Nine-tenths of the danger in an illness comes from fear. Fear can give you the apparent symptoms of an illness; and it can give you the illness too, — its effects can go so far as that.

16 Jun 1929, Pg 90, Vol 03, CWM

When physical disorder comes, one must not be afraid; one must not run away from it, must face it with courage, calmness, confidence, with the certitude that illness is a falsehood and that if one turns entirely, in full confidence, with a complete quietude to the divine grace, it will settle in these cells as it establishes itself in the depths of the being, and the cells themselves will share in the eternal Truth and Delight.

Pg 140, Vol 15, CWM

The particular place in the body affected by an illness is an index to the nature of the inner disharmony that has taken place. It points to the origin, it is a sign of the cause of the ailment. It reveals too the nature of the resistance that prevents the whole being from advancing at the same high speed. It indicates the treatment and the cure. If one could perfectly understand where the mistake is, find out what has been unreceptive, open that part and put the force and the light there, it would be possible to re-establish in a moment the harmony that has been disturbed and the illness would immediately go.

16 Jun 1929, Pg 88, Vol 03, CWM

Wake up in yourself a will to conquer. Not a mere will in the mind but a will in the very cells of your body. Without that you can’t do anything; you may take a hundred medicines but they won’t cure you unless you have a will to overcome the physical illness.

20 Oct 1957, Pg 146, Vol 15, CWM

In every case, it is the Force that cures. Medicines have little effect; it is the faith in medicines that cures. Get treated by the doctor whom you trust and take only the medicines that inspire trust in you. The body only has trust in material methods and that is why you have to give it medicines — but medicines have an effect only if the Force acts through them.

Allopaths ordinarily cure one thing, only to the detriment of another. Ayurvedic doctors do not usually have this drawback. That is why I recommend them.

20 Dec 1965 CWM

Conquest over the greed for food: a promise of good health.

Pg 148, Vol 15, CWM

Do not love your ill health and the ill health will leave you.

28 Aug 1966, Pg 144, Vol 15, CWM

The sovereignty of mind has made humanity the slave of doctors and their remedies. And the result is that illnesses are increasing in number and seriousness.

15 Mar 1970, Pg 324, Vol 10, CWM

The chief role of the doctor is, by various means, to induce the body to recover its trust in the Supreme Grace.

Pg 155, Pg 155, Vol 15, CWM

Sri Aurobindo

Of course it [cancer] can [be cured by yoga], but on condition of faith or openness or both. Even a mental suggestion can cure cancer — with luck of course, as is shown by the case of the woman operated on unsuccessfully for cancer, but the doctors lied and told her it had succeeded. Result, cancer symptoms all ceased and she died many years afterwards of another illness altogether.

Pg 872, Vol 22 - 24, SABCL

The Mother

If the whole being could simultaneously advance in its progressive transformation, keeping pace with the inner march of the universe, there would be no illness, there would be no death.

16 Jun 1929, Pg 90, Vol 03, CWM

Finally it is Faith that cures.


09 Aug1969, Pg 159, Vol 15, CWM

“Auroville, the city of healing”! That would be good!

09 Aug, 1969, Pg 199, Vol 10, Agenda

Each and every ailment, each and every illness is a falsehood.

28 Sept, 1971, Pg 272, Vol 11, CWM