Coding for the World's First
Open-Source City

Talam codes software for Auroville, the world's first open-source city for 50,000 volunteers - prototyping an ideal society.

Community Service Programme

Talam Auroville, is a community service programme that offers volunteer opportunities in Auroville, India, and it is a project that works on various community service initiatives. It is not a single business or organization but acts as a platform connecting people with volunteering opportunities across Auroville.


Talam Auroville is involved in a few different areas within Auroville, including

  • Community service: Talam offers volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas, including teaching and training, manual work and production, animal welfare, and office work [auroville learning network talam].
  • Technology: An article mentions that the team behind Talam uses the programming languages Elixir and Phoenix to create software applications used in Auroville [auroville radio conversation with shankerdevy of talam team].
  • Culture & Arts
  • Education and Research
  • Integral Health
  • Natural Environment
  • Services & Manufacturing

If you are interested in learning more about Talam Auroville or volunteering in Auroville, you can visit the Auroville Learning Network website https://auroville-learning.net/

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