Nandanam Kindergarten

For Children Between 2.5 to 7 years of Age

Located in the area of Centre Field, Nandanam acts as the second kindergarten for Auroville children aged 3 to 6 years. There is also a crèche facility for younger children which forms part of the complex.

Architects: Poonam, Shailaja

Global Architecture and Design Awards 2018 Winner

Activities and Learning

At Nandanam we begin with the understanding  that the "first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught and that "the teacher is not an instructor or a taskmaster but a helper and a guide." Keeping this in mind we work towards the integral development of the children focusing on their physical, mental, vital and psychic development, following the guidelines given by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

We essentially and strongly feel that children should have the freedom to explore the world within and around them and to grow at their own pace and in their way, guided by their inner being.

We have at the same time realized that to prepare them for this sometimes a supporting hand and even a planned and structured activity can help.

Therefore our school environment and program provide ample space for children to play freely and discover and explore things on their own or with friends, while it also offers proposed group activities where they discover new things and explore collectively. Both ways of working are closely intertwined creating as integral a learning as possible.

To facilitate this, each classroom has several activity comers that children can access freely. We have a craft corner, a games corner, a books corner, a math corner, a corner for pretend play and a sand pit.

We have a room for building blocks, a room for painting, a room for exploring Montessori material and one for sandbox play.

In classes we also take up projects since we feel that it is a very effective and holistic tool, starting with topics that are close to the children and widening the horizon each time. Occasionally we also take up all-school projects.

We have regular field trips to explore the community and weekly excursions to Matrimandir and the swimming pool. We also have weekly sessions of Awareness Through the Body. Seasonally we do gardening and cooking.

In short, we try to offer an environment as rich and varied as possible so that every child may find his way through it.

We believe that once a child has acquired a thirst for knowledge and a need for self-perfection, he can take charge of his education himself and the teacher can just be a guiding presence when required. We humbly aspire to do this to the best of our capacity.