Last updated: 7 Aug, 2014

Hindustani vocal music classes

Hindustani music performance

These classes began in December 2001 to answer a need amongst the north Indian population of Auroville to keep in touch with an element of their culture which was felt missing. But this art form is experienced and appreciated by other nationalities as well through regular classes offered by Smt Nandita Majumdar whom her students affectionately refer to as Nandita-di.

Until last year the classes were mainly attended by adult Aurovilians. About ten young children have joined since. This is a sure indication that this particular art form has a future in Auroville.

The classes for adults are based on individual choice. Those who wish to learn pure classical Hindustani music are encouraged to do so and are fortunate to have in Nandita di someone who has trained under well known exponents of the Patiala Gharana of classical singing and who has also had many years of teaching experience.

On the other hand those who wish to learn songs from Indian poet-musicians such as Tagore, Mirabai, Atulprasad, Surdas and others can also do so.

Once a month the students have the opportunity of singing to tabla accompaniment so as to gradually master the rhythm cycles/patterns of the Hindustani Music.