Last updated: 11 May, 2016

Russian singing bells in Auroville


The bells’ sounds in all cultures are revered as sacred. They are used for meditation, concentration, purification, widening of consciousness. The Russian Singing Bells have unique, pure and powerful sounds. They are specially tuned to create long resonating harmonious vibrations that evoke the feeling of peace in heart and mind.  Their lingering sounds as if open the doors of our inner world and lead us to deep inner experience. If we listen attentively, behind the ringing of the different bells’ tones we can hear the One Sound playing with itself, as a symbolical and almost palpable representation of the ancient wisdom of the Oneness of Creation. This helps us to awaken to the soul’s inherent knowledge of our essential unity with all. And when we play the bells from this inner state, spontaneous, joyful and healing Harmony is born.

Russian Singing Bells

The Russian Singing Bells invented by the Russian bell-master Alexander Zhikharev after 15 years of dedicated research. It is a set of brass plates hanging on a wooden stand and played by mallets. It creates a harmoniously resonating vibrational field.

The Russian Singing Bells came to Auroville in December 2007 as a gift to the Russian Pavilion and regular weekly sessions with the instrument were organised by Vera Lipen, the initiator of the project. Any person could come and listen to the Bells and also play them. The sound of this instrument creates a special meditative atmosphere and helps connecting to the deeper reality within oneself. It is also used for collective meditations.

The instrument can be played by single or multiple players. The lingering resonating sound waves of the Singing Bells open wide the doors of musical harmony and provide a comfortable space for exploring through sound one’s own inner world. Rhythms and melodies that come out of these explorations are mostly spontaneous. Two or more people playing the instrument together get a rare chance to enter into deep and joyful communication without words. During the open sessions with the Bells already more than thousand people from many countries had this intimate experience of inner tuning and connection through sound without words.

Welcome to the Tuning to Harmony  with the Russian Singing Bells - meditative and interactive musical programs with Vera Lipen in Auroville

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