Last updated: 23 Nov, 2022

Collective Housing in the Residential Zone

Auroville started as a series of Communities, first in the existing desert plateau, then in the slowly growing patches of forest and agricultural areas. Aspiration, Auromodele were the early settlements, a bit far from the center town yet to be built, then there was a scattered growth of individual houses and small communities, often identified by their intentional attitude (Kalabhumi, Verite', Adventure...).
With the second-stage growth of Auroville's population a great need of affordable priced houses arose, and the model, since at least 15 years, is Collective housing. Vikas, Creativity, Courage, Prarthna, Samasti, Luminosity, Realization, Inspiration, Citadine, Swayam, Arati, Invocation are examples of collective housing developing essentially in the Residential zone of the Central Area, mostly on the principle of multi-storey apartments.