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Bharat Nivas - Pavilion of India

For the last several years, BHARAT NIVAS has been serving the physical and cultural necessities of the community of Auroville as a whole. The so-called unfinished buildings of Bharat Nivas have been the centre of activities of life in Auroville by housing some of the most important services of the community. This provided the necessary physical place for the existence of these activities, beneficial to the growth of Auroville as a whole.

Fostering these activities has always been seen by the Bharat Nivas group as its dayitva, our commitment to the ideals of Auroville in the light of Indian ethos and culture. Now that Auroville is growing and as the new infrastructure of buildings is available for more permanent spaces for these services and units, Bharat Nivas has some more breathing space as well, as it readies itself in renewed purpose to play the role of Indian Pavilion as envisioned by the Mother.

Bharat Nivas is committed to playing a role of catalyst in the life of the Auroville community, as part of the International Zone of Auroville, where the local, bioregional, national and the international dimension of its work will find its space.

The location and activities of various units of 
Bharat Nivas - Pavilion of India:



Sri Aurobindo Auditorium is one of the activity centers of Bharat Nivas, the Pavilion of India. It strives to reflect Indian Culture in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision as well as hosting many Cultural events of Auroville.

The Sri Aurobindo Auditorium team aims to hosts research-based performances of a high-level quality both by Auroville artists as well as national and international visiting artists.

It serves as a venue for National and International Conferences organized by the Bharat Nivas Group and other members of Auroville community.

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The former restaurant building has been renovated internally and has become the Centre for Visual Arts. This large space houses several exhibition spaces and studios for resident artists, where visiting artists can work and stay. There are spaces for art workshops for Auroville and visiting artists, which hopes to become the hub of activities to foster art and culture and space where all artists can meet, interact and work together. The whole old complex of the restaurant building has now been opened up to interconnect, without any new construction, as the original concept and the Courtyard will be a spillover space between the annexe and the main Kala Kendra. It also houses space for art classes and work area for painters, sculptors, ceramics, etc. Necessary services, which were non-existent before such as access to the first-floor terrace and washrooms, are provided within, as also protection from extreme weather conditions.

Part of the Gallery Spaces: It is hosting three rare photographic permanent exhibitions for regular visitors:

1. History of Bharat Nivas, as envisioned by The Mother. 2. Photo Exhibition on The Mother. 3.The Dawn of Auroville: Black & White photographs with rare archival texts as to how Auroville was founded by The Mother and the Ashram Members.

The two-round Gallery Spaces host art exhibitions by visiting guest artists and Aurovilian artists. For booking the gallery, see the info below.

Texts on the Five Dreams written by Sri Aurobindo.

For more information, write to:

Phone: (0413-2622488)

ANNAM KITCHEN (behind Kalakendra)

Daily South Indian lunches are offered for an affordable price. - For Visiting Guest Groups above 5, three days advance booking is required by e-mail. ph: 8903049770 Mr.Ramesh

Kalakendra Reception Office for visiting groups:

Students & Guests: Schools of Architecture wishing to visit Bharat Nivas, are requested to write by mail for permission to visit its campus and various buildings.


Phone: (0413) 26222488 or (0413)-2623250

Donations are welcome to maintain the 50-year-old campus and its infrastructure.

One of the Bharat Nivas Members will receive the groups and show around. Prior appointment must be taken. 


This space, built during Sri Aurobindo's 125th Birth Anniversary, is dedicated to the Community of Auroville for its meetings, rehearsals, programmes, etc. As the main welcoming space at the entrance of the Bharat Nivas, it has been designed for and will house the future reception of The Pavilion of India. 


The space formerly used by the Auroville Town Planning Service, is now the Centre of Indian Studies, where the library that houses one of the most interesting collections of the books on Indian Philosophy, Culture and Arts. This is also the space where some of the workshops, talks by eminent speakers and regular Bharat Nivas Group meetings are held. This also provides a study area for researchers to work and also regular Sanskrit language classes are conducted for groups of Aurovilians.


The space has been rejuvenated and has been made more users friendly with physical infrastructure and equipment so that it can be used for more intense workshops that express the Spirit of India. This is also now available for very special exhibitions that carry a special meaning to the life of Auroville and its connection with the local, bioregional, national and international community.


In the new setup of Bharat Nivas, Tamil Heritage Centre has found its footing in the life of Auroville. There is a space allocated for the expression of Tamil Culture especially through the programmes that link up the Auroville Community to the local and bioregional context of its existence. This is now housed in the basement of the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium where also the outside space under the big Peepal Tree provide a more natural atmosphere for the interactive meetings, programmes, etc. This also has in its vicinity the Gallery of the Foyer of the auditorium and Kala Kendra, where exhibitions can be held to express the essence of the Tamil Culture. Also the site for the new complex of Tamil Heritage Centre has been allocated near the Atithigriha, where invocation is done through regular programmes.


Atithigriha still remains the hub of the activities of Bharat Nivas by providing the much needed infrastructural support to its activities. It houses the guests from India and all over the world, as well as groups of students, artists and researchers, who visit Auroville and Bharat Nivas. It also provides an experience of hospitality to our eminent guests of the Auroville Foundation in its vicinity. This has also helped us to hold larger events, such as Conferences, Celebrations of Festivals and many big cultural events at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium.

Phone (0413) 2622445



This is a more concentrated complex of spaces that will host the senior researchers from the Indian Philosophical and Art world that are resource persons for the Indian Pavilion. Presently, there are two units existing in the vicinity of the Atithigriha.


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