Moving Around Auroville
Auroville aspires towards a safe and pollution-free transport system. While much remains to be done to reach that goal, efforts are made to keep the central area as free as possible of heavy vehicles.

Please avoid bringing cars, vans, etc. as much as possible.

Bicycles or motorised 2-wheelers (and some electric 2-wheelers) can be rented within and around Auroville. Apart from the information below, the Auroville GuestService can assist with updated info & addresses.

Sustainable Mobility for Auroville

Auroville has a not-for-profit transport service for Aurovilians, newcomers, volunteers, visitors and guests: Integrated Transport Service (ITS).

ITS's goal is to strive towards a pollution-free, safe transportation system by collaborating with community members to manifest the vision for mobility in Auroville.

For more details, please check:

Electric Bicycles

For your next visit to Auroville, you can pre-book an electric cycle online at Kinisi e-Mobility

Phones: 8300460679 and 8300460680


Opening hours: 9:00 - 12:30 and 2:30 - 5:00 pm every day except Sundays and holidays.

Where is Kinisi ? See GoogleMap

page in French language


For the shuttle bus from Auroville to Pondicherry, see:

Accessible Auroville Bus

SAIIER Transport Service


Public buses

The Government Bus - 7 days a week

Daily the morning bus will leave from Pondy New Bus Stand at 7:30am 

Arrive at Visitors Parking at 8:00am and depart immediately for Pondy.

Similarly the afternoon bus will leave from Pondy New Bus Stand at 3:30pm. Arrive at Visitors Parking at 4pm and depart immediately for Pondy.


For participating in evaluating electrical bicycles, contact Quiet Transport at SaraCon:  Ph. 2622973; email


Bicycle hire & repair

Cycles can be hired from Visitors Centre Kiosk, 7 days a week, 9.00-5.30: 

130 cycles available including: singlespeed lightweight Decathlon mountainbikes, 7 or 21 speed geared Decathlon, sturdy Hercules mountainbikes (with mudguards and back carriers), Ladybird ladies cycles – from Rs.50-60/day or Rs.280-330/week according to model - check for availability by phoning 0413-262-3034

A number of guest houses provide/rent cycles to their guests (e.g Centre Guest House, Verite’, and others); cycle rental is also available at Segar Mechanical Works (opposite AV Health Centre); and from many places in Pondicherry.

For repairs, punctures go to

Cycle Kiosk at Solar Kitchen, 

to the Puncture Service in the Service Area,

or try Segar Mechanical Works and other village repair facilities. 

Aurovelo, Cycle and Coffee Shop, located in Reve, sells and services imported cycle brands available in India. It also operates a buy-back scheme for long term guests.   Ph. 0413-2622380

Moped / Scooter hire, maintenance  & repair

Hiring is possible from Nagappan at Fraternity Youth Camp Ph.0413-2622954 or 94434-51016. Also, except during peak visitor/guest season, a moped can usually be hired from Kumar at the entrance to New Creation Ph. 9047376402 or 94434-97450. Otherwise, try in Pondicherry.

For repairs or overhaul, Abri Workshop is open to Aurovilians Mon-Sat 8am-4.30pm. Otherwise try Segar Mechanical Works (near AV Health Centre), Mani/Ravi’s Workshop on the beach road (100m to left on joining beach road, behind the frontal building), or places in the Kuilapalayam area.

Puncture Repairs: Two-wheeler puncture repairs are possible locally at Puncture Repair Service (located in Service Area opposite Telephone Exchange); Mon to Sat 9 am to 4.30 pm; Ph. 2622741 or 94428-9135. Also at Segar Mechanical Works (near Health Centre); Kumar’s Workshop (outside New Creation); another Kumar’s Workshop (by Fraternity entry road); and a few other places in the nearby villages

Taxi  Services

Other Taxi services (non-Auroville):
  • Team Transport Service in Kuilapalayam Ph 0413-262-3151/2   
  • MM Mother's Travels in Kuilapalayam, Ph. 0413-2622489 or 3208,  Cell 94439-56635
  • Yoga Travels in Kuilapalayam, Ph. 0413-2622691 or 2622692, Cell 98434-50642
  • Mani's Taxi Service on the beach road opposite Repos, Ph. 0413-2622506, Cell 9994479186


Autorikshaws for ECR road, beach and Pondy, are available in the parking area at the Visitors Centre.

Current rates are:

To ECR-beach : Rs. 120

To Pondy : Rs. 230

Inside Auroville; less than Rs. 120