Town Hall

Auroville's Administrative Centre

While during Auroville's first forty-plus years the residents performed their various administrative tasks in a wide variety of make-shift places throughout the area, the township presently prides itself on having a large, spacey and efficacious set-up, known as the Town Hall complex, in Auroville's administrative area in the centre of the city. just north of the Matrimandir. A larger Town Hall is foreseen at a much later stage, of which this first phase will be the forerunner.

The present Town Hall complex, looking out on the Matrimandir and its gradually emerging gardens, consists of two robust, separate, but interconnected structures: the Centre for Urban Research, completed in 2002, and the Multimedia Centre, which reached completion in 2004. In between the two, facilities for a cafeteria have been created.

Architect: The architect of the two buildings is Aurovilian Anupama Kundoo, who based her designs on earlier sketches of Auroville’s chief architect, Roger Anger.

The project is a milestone for Auroville’s development, and is well functioning and appreciated by all.