Last updated: 29 Jun, 2020

The Drone Zone

Based in Auroville, India, The Drone Zone was founded in 2019.

Since its inception, we have been flying drones all around Auroville and various parts of India, using this unique vantage point of “a camera in the sky“ to take photos from a perspective rarely seen.

Drones allow us to reach many places that are tough to reach, and the opportunity for creative photography and videography is vast.

Our work is driven by the research of Beauty that exists all around us.

With our constant will to experiment and go deeper, each new project gives us the opportunity to grow as individuals as well as professionals. Working with Aerial photography and being able to use this new perspective has enabled us to push the limits of our unending experimentation.

In addition to our creative work with photography/videography, we provide professional services for various requirements including: mapping, surveys and inspections for industrial, private and agricultural applications. From disaster management to regular infrastructure inspections, surveying and mapping with a drone offers enormous potential​. Drones are also of great help when it comes to studying the terrain. They can be used to monitor erosion levels, water and soil quality even agricultural fields. If done regularly, the collected data can provide great insight for future development of the area.

The Drone Zone

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