This annex explains how one can apply to become a Student of Auroville. This Annex consists of:

1.  Definition;

2.  Process;

3.  Cancellation / Change of status.

1. Definition

A Student of Auroville is:

1. A person who is below the age of eighteen (18) years, from outside of Auroville, who has applied to and has been accepted to study at an Auroville educational institute, without being accompanied but with the agreement of parent(s) or legal guardian(s); or

2. A person who is eighteen (18) years or older from outside of Auroville who has asked to study at an Auroville educational institute without being an Aurovilian.

2. Process and How to apply:

1. Applications to become a Student of Auroville have to be addressed to the Entry Service office where Application Forms are available. The applicant will be guided through the administrative process by the Entry Secretariat,

2. The Application Form needs to be completed and submitted to the Entry Secretariat along with:

2.1.A document whereby the legal guardian/s of the applicant appoint an Aurovilian as the applicant’s de facto guardian for the tenure of the applicant’s stay in Auroville or till the applicant has reached the age of eighteen (18) years, signed by all parties concerned;

2.2.A disclaimer signed by all parties involved, that absolves the Auroville Foundation and the community of all liability for any loss, injury or legal claim that may occur during the applicant’s stay as a minor in Auroville;

Valid health insurance for the duration of the student's stay.

 3. Once the Application Form is duly completed and submitted to the Entry Secretariat, the applicant will be announced as a Student of Auroville to the community for feedback;

4. The Entry Board will process each application taking into account:

4.1.The approval of the Auroville school or institution where the applicant wishes to study;

4.2.That the parent(s) or legal guardian/s or de-facto guardian/s is / are willing to pay the contribution towards the educational expenses of the applicant as assessed by the Auroville School Board;

4.3.That no substantial objections against the person have been received in the feedback from the community. If this is the case, the Entry Board will process the feedback received and inform the applicant of their decision.

Please note: Samples of these documents may be obtained from the Entry Secretariat. In the case of a foreign applicant, upon receipt of the above documents, the Entry Secretariat will duly process the Letter of Recommendation for an Entry Visa, upon approval from the Entry Board;

3. Cancellation / change of status:

1. A person will cease to be a Student of Auroville if the schooling/learning programme is discontinued.

2. Should a Student of Auroville wish to join the Auroville community, they need to contact the Entry Secretariat. The Entry Secretariat will, for a Student of Auroville wishing to join Auroville, guide the Student through the relevant integration process as described in Annex B (refer to section 2.6 and 2.7 of Annex B).

Read the full Auroville Entry policy 2017

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