This annex explains how one can apply to become a Friend of Auroville.


This Annex consists of:

  1. Definition;
  2. Process;
  3. Conditions;
  4. Cancellation/change of status.
1. Definition:

A Friend of Auroville is:

  • A person who has been actively engaged in Auroville for some time but cannot permanently reside in Auroville due to personal commitments elsewhere. However, a Friend of Auroville visits regularly and stays for extended periods of time in Auroville, during which time he/ she is engaged in services, units or projects of Auroville;
  • A person who has been representing Auroville outside for an extended period as a committed member of an Auroville International platform, liaising with Governments or organisations in connection with Auroville projects;
  • A person who has, over time, contributed substantial donations to Auroville projects.
2. Process:

1. An applicant needs to send an email to the Entry Service giving some background about themselves and their work related to Auroville, along with their reasons and aspirations to become a Friend of Auroville.

2. The Entry Secretariat will then send an Application Form to the applicant.

3. Once this form is filled in and sent back to the Entry Secretariat, it will be reviewed by the Entry Board and the applicant will be called for a meeting with the Entry Board.

4. The applicant’s name will then be announced as a potential Friend of Auroville to the community for feedback, in the News & Notes (as is done for all Newcomers and Aurovilians). Should there be any feedback that needs clarification, the applicant will be contacted.

5. The Entry Board will process each application taking into account:

5.1.That the applicant is willing to contribute to Auroville in the form of voluntary service, in kind and / or money.

5.2.That the applicant agrees to pay the contribution to the collective fund as per the current Auroville Contribution Policy throughout the year (during their stay in Auroville and including those months when not visiting Auroville).

5.3.That the applicant agrees to take care of their personal health and to not be part of the Auroville Health Fund.

6. Finally, after signing the Friend of Auroville agreement, the applicant will be confirmed as a Friend of Auroville and will be issued a photo-identity card. The status and card will need to be renewed annually or when the Friend of Auroville next visits Auroville.


3. Conditions:

A Friend of Auroville can:

• Visit the Matrimandir during Aurovilian timings, after contacting the Matrimandir Access Group

• Use Auroville services, including community services in the same way as Aurovilians

• Not participate in community decision-making

• Not start any activity in Auroville without the approval of the relevant working group

• Not use the name and symbol of Auroville without permission of the Working Committee.

Participation / Collaborative spirit:

A Friend of Auroville will respect the ideals of Auroville.

• A Friend of Auroville is strongly encouraged to be actively engaged with Auroville;

• A Friend of Auroville is also encouraged, if he/she has the means, to help the development of Auroville financially by supporting any of its projects;

• A Friend of Auroville, whether from India or abroad, shall during every stay in Auroville register themselves in accordance with the laws of India and obtain a new annual Friend of Auroville card and update their file records at the Entry Service office.

Stay in Auroville:

A Friend of Auroville who comes to Auroville can stay in an Auroville guest-house or Auroville home-stay of their choice.

• Those who want to come regularly to Auroville and want a permanent place to stay for a consecutive period of time can make a donation for an apartment in a collective housing project, which will then be available for them whenever they want to come to Auroville.

• A Friend of AV cannot make a donation for a free-standing house for their own use.

• All requests for permanent housing will be routed through the Housing Service. All donations will be routed through the Unity Fund.

• When the Friend of Auroville is not occupying the housing asset, the key should be deposited at the Housing Service which will manage the Housing asset. The Housing Service will decide on who will occupy the apartment during the absence of the Friend of Auroville as well as on all repair and maintenance work to be done, in communication and a collaborative spirit with the Friend of Auroville.

• The housing asset is only available to the Friend of Auroville and cannot be used for others, except those nominated by the Housing Service in consultation with the Friend of Auroville. The Friend of Auroville does not have the right to allow anyone else to live in this apartment.

• Upon cancellation of the association, the apartment will be stewarded by the Housing Service and no reimbursement will be made to the Friend of Auroville.

Auroville school access for the children:

Registering a person as a Friend of Auroville does not automatically imply that the children of the Friend of Auroville will have the right to be admitted to an Auroville school during his / her stay in Auroville. Such a decision will be made by the Auroville School Board and the relevant school and the Friend of Auroville will be required to pay the fees as determined by the Auroville School Board.

4. Cancellation / change of status:

The cancellation will be processed by the Entry Board:

1. At the request of the Friend of Auroville.

2. On the decision of the Entry Board, in the case that:

2.1.The Friend of Auroville acts in a way which is against the ideals of Auroville (refer to Annex A of this Policy); or

2.2.The Friend of Auroville has not visited Auroville for a consecutive period of three (3) years.

Should the Friend of Auroville wish to become Aurovilian, the change of the status will be processed by the Entry Secretariat, by following the Newcomer Process (refer to section 1 of Annex B).

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