Last updated: 31 Dec, 2017

Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga, video series

Evolution Fast-forward is a video series on Integral Yoga done in 3D motion graphics animation.

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These videos provide a highly engaging presentation of the fundamental ideas and underlying geometry behind the knowledge and process of Integral Yoga. 

1. Vision & Work of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
This video presents the evolutionary crisis, the new step in evolution, the two negations and the synthesis of Consciousness and Force. 
Duration: 22 min.
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2. Integral Yoga: Psychology, Cosmology & Transformational Practice

This video explains the Integral Yoga, a methodology developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, for not only exploring the profound depths and heights of human psyche but also for an integral evolutionary transformation of the human nature. It gives a broad overview of psychology, cosmology and transformational practice of Integral Yoga leading towards psychic, spiritual and supramental transformation.

Duration: 50 min.
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3. Parts of the Being & Planes of Consciousness

Duration: 75 min. This part gives a detailed exploration of the various psychological parts of our being and the planes of consciousness as explored and mapped by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. A detailed understanding of the parts of our being is essential for practicing Integral Yoga.
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Script & Direction: Manoj Pavitran - Auroville
Visualisation & 3D Motion Graphics Animation: Hemant Shekhar - Auroville
Music: Arnab Chaudhury and team from Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Voice: Anuradha Majumdhar - Auroville

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