Spouse or Partner of Aurovilian

How to Apply

This annex explains how one can apply for the status "Spouse / Partner of Aurovilian"

This Annex consists of:

1.  Definition;

2.  Process;

3.  Conditions;

4.  Cancellation / Change of status.

1. Definition

A Spouse / Partner of an Aurovilian is someone who does not wish to or cannot become an Aurovilian but wishes to engage voluntarily in Auroville projects or activities in Auroville. If there is a close family member (other than a spouse or partner of the Aurovilian) who needs to live with the Aurovilian, special permission of the Entry Board needs to be obtained.

2. Process

1. The first step is to write to the Entry Service expressing the wish to apply for the status,

2. The Entry Secretariat will then provide the applicant with an Application Form which he / she will be required to submit to the Entry Secretariat

3. The Entry Secretariat will then provide the applicant with an appointment with the Entry Board,

4. The Entry Board will process each application taking into account:

4.1. That the applicant will live with the Aurovilian Spouse / Partner, and will not depend on the Community for financial aid, healthcare, food or lodging,

4.2. That the applicant is willing to contribute to Auroville in the form of work, kind and/or money,

4.3. That contributions to the collective fund as per the existing current contribution policy will be made by or on behalf of the Spouse / Partner.

5. The applicant may be announced as a Spouse / Partner of Aurovilian to the community for feedback. Any feedback will be clarified by the Entry Board if needed. If there are special considerations or issues, these cases may be referred to the Entry Board for a decision. A Spouse / Partner will have a page on Auronet maintained by the Entry Secretariat to provide information about them to the community,

6. A Spouse / Partner (of an Aurovilian) of foreign origin is not entitled to the Entry Visa which is granted to residents of Auroville; such a Spouse / Partner is expected to take care of obtaining the relevant visa required.

3. Conditions:

1. Auroville expects a Spouse / Partner of an Aurovilian to live in compliance with the laws of India, the ideals of Auroville (refer to Annex A) and the “Criteria Applicable to all Applicants” described in this policy;

2. A Spouse / Partner will be issued a photo-identity card to be renewed annually. This card may be used for Auroville events, to show to the Matrimandir Access Team for visiting the Matrimandir, or to any unit/service to arrange work or volunteering agreements;

3. A Spouse / Partner cannot be a member of working groups in Auroville nor participate in Resident Assembly decision-making processes.

4. Cancellation / Change of Status:

The cancellation will be processed by the Entry Board:

1. At the request of the Spouse / Partner of Auroville.

2. At the decision of the Entry Board, in the case that the Spouse / Partner acts in a way which is against the ideals of Auroville (refer to Annex A) or not in compliance with the “Criteria Applicable to all Applicants” as described in this policy.

3. Should the Aurovilian decide to leave Auroville permanently, or passes away, the status of the Spouse / Partner will automatically be annulled. In such a case, the stewardship of the housing asset goes back to the Housing Service,

3.1.In case of a child or children of the Aurovilian, the child’s housing needs may be assessed by the Housing Service.

Should the Spouse / Partner wish to become Aurovilian, the change of the status will be processed by the Entry Board by applying the Newcomer process (refer to section 1 of Annex B).

Read the full Auroville Entry Policy 2017

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