Morning Star Birth Centre

Conscious Birthing for Welcoming New Life

The Morning Star Birthing Centre provides an environment for women to experience childbirth in as natural and calm an environment as possible. Welcoming and raising a new life in its initial years is a matter of great responsibility not just of the new mother but also of the family and environment. This Centre provides these facilities as well as raises the awareness of the family and the community to the need of such a birthing environment and proper pre/postnatal care as part of the upbringing of a baby.

“Out of the paths of the morning star they came Into the little room of mortal life” 

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

Our Mission

To offer women safe, natural, ecological childbirth in the heart of Auroville by offering services that manifest the highest quality of care during pregnancy, birth and the first year of life.

Prenatal Care
Our Vision

To hold the space for women in childbirth, supporting the natural process of birth. 

At Morning Star Birth Centre, we aspire to:

  • Offer a home-like environment during the birth
  • Encourage family presence and support
  • Allow shared decision-making and informed consent
  • Help new mothers develop health partnerships and back-up with a doctor
  • Provide safe, quality, evidence-based care that utilizes the midwife model of care and Auroville practitioners of healing arts
  • Facilitate bonding and connection by placing the newborn skin-to-skin with the mother and initiating breast-feeding
  • Offer classes to learn about pregnancy, childbirth preparation, newborn care and parenting support groups
  • Participate in the discussion of Why Birth Matters To Our Planet
Happy Parents

Morning Star Newsletter – 2021

Morning Star Midwifery Care has been loving our work serving Auroville. Be it attending the birth of beautiful new souls or tending to the health of our pregnant mothers, we all feel fortunate to be able to give our best to these new families.

Morning Star Newsletter – 2020

Celebrating the inauguration of the Morning Star Birth Centre project on Santè Campus – February, 21st , 2018

Support Morning Star

If this project inspires you, please support us by donating to Auroville Institute for Integral Health, Birth Center. Help us to support the families of Auroville as we build the city the Earth needs. We are modelling a kind of respectful care for women and families that is greatly needed here in India. We appreciate all gifts, big or small.

Morning Star Birth Centre is a separate project coming up on the Integral Health Institute campus, please be sure to specify the donation is for Auroville Institute for Integral Health: Birth Center or AVIIH: Birth Center.


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