A forest community of slow growing, rare tree species 

The first 5 acres of land of what was to become Miracle Community was purchased in 1998. Miracle became a forest community in 2005. Enea and Sathyam, the then youth of Auroville, were the first ones to settle on the land and do the initial work with minimum resources. 

Acreage: 25 | Steward: Enea

About Miracle

Walter (from Shakti), George (from New Lands) and David (from Aurodam) were Enea and Sathyam’s mentors in their first years, and together they planted a mix of pioneering species with a particular focus on rare tree species of slow growth.

Now the covered area is comprised of 25 acres, 8 of which are in the planned industrial zone of Auroville. All the land that doesn’t fall in the industrial zone is treated as a forest sanctuary with minimal human intervention, while the 8 acres that fall in the industrial zone have been reforested before the “outer ring road” was enlarged and are naturally regenerating.

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