Mattram, which is the Tamil word for change, has been the go-to-place for people from all walks of life living in and around Auroville to experience a safe & welcoming space for sharing all matters from the head-to-heart. 

As Auroville’s primary centre for psychological development and support, Mattram believes in sharing for connection and has created a space where people who walk-in can "open up", say what they feel and build a connection through communication.

The Team

Established since 2017, Mattram is served by a team of professionals trained in Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Neuro/Bio feedback Therapy, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) therapy etc.

The Connected Approach

Mattram believes that connection is essential to life - for it is through connection alone we can attain happiness. Connection with the self and the community we live in. Connection through sharing evolves into relationships built on values of equality, compassion and integrity. Connection through shared communication to attain wellbeing with the community as a whole.

Mattram defines wellbeing as an inner state of being in connection that includes a process of personal growth through an open perceiving, expressing and sharing of the inner and outer truth, as it is.

The 'Unclinic'

Mattram’s approach differs from the traditional approach in that the focus is on growth and development, not on solutions for problems. The key drivers through which this growth is achieved is by bringing awareness to the power of the “what is”- opening up to reality without drawing conclusions, because doing that closes down the possibilities of the “what is”.

Mattram’s therapists/facilitators let the client take the initiative as far as possible, and facilitate the process with empathy, an open supportive attitude, as well as structure needed to continue. Mattram supports this process by listening, sharing, modeling, questioning, but not by directing, giving opinions, providing solutions, making judgments, or taking sides.

Mattram has thus created a safe space, a sanctuary, where real, open sharing can take place, and growth in inner awareness can be supported.

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