Last updated: 23 Apr, 2018

Ivana Frousova

Ivana is a self-educated Czech born painter who discovered her talent in her middle age. Having lived for nine years in the UK, Ivana has made Auroville her home.

 “I think I did not understand art until I reached age 44. It started with a holiday in Mauritius. For 15 days I did a lot of scuba diving and it seems to me that the water of the Indian Ocean somehow unblocked me. After this life changing holiday I went on to learn mindfulness meditation and I started to visit galleries, to do sketches, ….” says Ivana.

Her last significant exhibition “Ivana’s Art from Auroville” was at Kala Kendra in April 2018. There were more than 100 pieces of drawings and paintings by various mediums such as oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastel and charcoal.