German Consulate General Supports Auroville

The German Government Supports Auroville 

After a Struggle of Two Years, The Court Verdict Was in Favour of Auroville And The Tax-exempt Status of AVI Germany Was Restored Beginning in 1999.

International Understanding and Sustainable Community

In a Court Case against The German Federal Tax Authorities 26th May 1998 

"From personal experience (...) I can confirm that this project, existing since 1968, and supported by UNESCO from the time of its foundation, concerns itself with the attempt to form the model of a community of citizens, all dedicated to the idea of international understanding, which is open to people from all nations. (...)

The project aim involves the construction and operation of facilities, such as health centres, schools, farms, cultural institutions, collective housing, etc. that are needed for a population living in a steady community. To my knowledge all these facilities exclusively serve the creation of this city model of international understanding. (...)

Auroville has been founded in the spirit of the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo, who is recognised all over the world, and it considers itself, following its Charter, as a community which is dedicated to world peace and international understanding, not bound by any religion. Conversions of any kind are rejected as contrary to the spirit of the community and do not take place. Therefore, it is by no means a matter of a sect. (...)

In view of the portrayed facts it is incomprehensible that it is questioned whether this project, unequivocally dedicated since its foundation to the idea of international understanding, is worthy of support. This worthiness of support is persistently recommended by the Consulate General."