Bulgarian Pavilion

A Land as a Single Human Palm

What are the outstanding qualities of the Bulgarian soul and how has it contributed to the global development of consciousness and life-experience? 

For this, its natural, historical and cultural highlights are evoked. Special attention goes to the three great spiritual impulses which originated on this land: Thracian Orphism, the Bogomils and the spiritual movement initiated by Peter Deunov. A vibrant selection of its unique music serves as a soundtrack.

Image: St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria

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This audio-visual story attempts to give an idea and, even more, a sense of Bulgaria. 

The title ‘A land as a single human palm’ comes from a poem and reflects the caring and supportive nature of the land, as well the humane qualities of her people. It is small, but it breathes goodness and strength - thus we Bulgarians cherish our motherland.

The underlying question we put ourselves is: how has the soul of the nation found expression through the 13 centuries of existence.  

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