Last updated: 8 Jul, 2015

Auroville Sports Resource Centre

“....We want to come in contact with the supreme consciousness, the universal consciousness, we want to bring it down in ourselves and to manifest it. But for that we must have a very solid base; our base is our physical being, our body. Therefore we have to build up a body solid, healthy, enduring, skilful, agile and strong, ready for everything. There is no better way to prepare the body than physical exercise: sports, athletics, gymnastics, and all games are the best means to develop and strengthen the body...”

From: The Mother on Education
Competitions (1st April 1966)

Many people do not continue with sports activities into adulthood. Yet sports is essential to individual physical well-being and has also several social benefits (e.g., channeling aggressive energy through positive and beneficial activities both for the individual and the society, etc.).

Sports can also be a platform for excellence, allowing individuals to develop essential skills like concentration, discipline, cooperation, team work, endurance and to develop their full potential and thereby to help prepare the body for the eventual transformation as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Coordination of regular trainings, coaching camps, friendly & goodwill matches and tournaments are part of AVSRC’s on-going efforts towards human unity and subsequent transformation.

In this respect, the objectives of the Auroville Sports Resource Center are to:

  • Coordinate sports activities and programs so that more number of people can take advantage to participate in sports
  • Create and maintain a sports library to improve knowledge on the sporting activities and its benefits to a healthy body and mind
  • Conduct seminars / workshops on sports to encourage and promote interest in sports
  • Make use of multimedia to effectively teach skills in sports
  • Facilitate viewing of special live TV broadcastings of sports events e.g.: the Olympic Games, the World Cup, Wimbledon etc.
  • Invite top teams/clubs to play friendly/exhibition matches to promote and popularize sports and games
  • Invite top Indian and international sports personalities so ordinary people come in contact and interact with and be inspired by them to strive towards a higher standard in sporting activities and goals.
  • To facilitate field trips in sports and games to participate and observe various special domestic events like: Federation Cup Championship, National Championship and international events like: Asian Games, ATP Championship etc.

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