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Auroville 展 An introduction to Auroville

1. Auroville's Charter


1. Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. But to live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness.


2. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress and a youth that never ages.


3. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations.


4. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual human unity.


Mother's Agenda, 28 February, 1968








2. The Divine Worker

The heavens beyond are great and wonderful, but greater and more wonderful are the heavens within you. It is these Edens that await the divine worker.

                        Sri Aurobindo, Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, volume 12, p. 353






« Auroville is created to realise the ideal of Sri Aurobindo who taught us the Karma yoga.  Auroville is for those who want to do the Yoga of work. To live in Auroville, means to do the Yoga of work.  So all Aurovilians must take up a work and do it as Yoga. Blessings ».                            

The Mother, 27 March 1973

“创建Auroville是为了实现室利·阿罗频多(Sri Aurobindo)的理想。室利·阿罗频多教导我们‘业瑜伽’。Auroville适合那些想要在工作中践行瑜伽的人。生活在Auroville意味着修习‘业瑜伽’。因此,每一位Auroville居民都必须从事一项工作,将其作为瑜伽修行。





3. Towards the Truth

Sri Aurobindo considers the message of the Gita to be the basis of the great spiritual movement which has led and will lead humanity more and more to its liberation, that is to say, to its escape from falsehood and ignorance, towards the truth. From the time of its first appearance, the Gita has had an immense spiritual action; but with the new interpretation that Sri Aurobindo has given to it, its influence has increased considerably and has become decisive.                                                        

On Thoughts and Aphorisms - Collected Works of the Mother, volume 10, p. 63






4. Karma Yoga

Thou hast a right to action, but only to action, not to its fruits; let not the fruits of thy works be thy motive neither let there be in thee any attachment to inactivity. Gita II 47






Fixed in Yoga do thy actions, having abandoned attachment, having become equal in failure and success, O Dhananjaya, for it is equality that is meant by Yoga. Gita II 48


哦,丹纳那雅(Dhananjaya ),采取行动吧!专注瑜伽,心无牵挂,以平等心对待成功与失败,因为瑜伽意味着平等心。




One whose intelligence has attained to Union, cast away from him even here both good doing and evil doing; therefore strive to be in Yoga; Yoga is skill in works. Gita II 50

Bhagavad Gita





Limit not sacrifice to the giving up of earthly goods or the denial of some desires and yearnings, but let every thought and every work and every enjoyment be an offering to God within thee. Let thy steps walk in thy Lord, let thy sleep and waking be a sacrifice to Krishna.       Sri Aurobindo - On Thoughts and Aphorisms

Collected Works of the Mother, volume 10, p. 315


室利·阿罗频多 -《论思想与格言》






5. At the Service of the Divine

By disinterested work is usually meant work done for the sake of the work or for the sake of others without asking for return, reward or personal fruit or recompense; but in Yoga it means desireless work done for the Divine as an offering without condition or claim—only because it is the Divine's Will or out of love for the Divine.   

                        Sri Aurobindo, Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, volume 29, p. 231





When we say, “We are at the service of the Divine”, it is not just words. It is He who should act through us, not we ourselves. The greatest objection is: How can we know the divine Will? But as a matter of fact, I tell you: if you sincerely renounce your personal will, you will know.                      

The Mother - 12th Aspiration Talk, 26 May 1970


母亲 - 12次“祈愿”谈话录,1970526


6. The Science of Living


To know oneself and to control oneself

An Aimless life is always a miserable life. Every one of you should have an aim. But do not forget that on the quality of your aim will depend the quality of your life.

Your aim should be high and wide, generous and disinterested; this will make your life precious to yourself and to others.

But whatever your ideal, it cannot be perfectly realised unless you have realised perfection in yourself.                                       

Collected Works of the Mother, volume 12, p. 3











7. Unending Education


Life on earth is essentially a field for progress; how short life is for all the progress we have to make!

To waste time seeking the gratification of one’s petty desires is sheer folly.  True happiness can be attained only by finding the Divine.     

Mother's Agenda -  1972, February 23



《母亲的议事录》,母亲于 1972223日讲述


Education to be complete must have five principal aspects corresponding to the five principal activities of the human being: the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual. Usually, these phases of education follow chronologically the growth of the individual; this, however, does not mean that one of them should replace another, but that all must continue, completing one another until the end of his life.

Collected Works of the Mother, volume 12, p. 9






8. Blossoming in Joy


True education must reveal what is already present in the developing beings and make it blossom. Just as flowers blossom in the sun, children blossom in joy. It goes without saying that joy does not mean weakness, disorder and confusion. But a luminous kindliness which encourages the good and does not severely insist on the bad. Grace is always much closer to Truth than justice.

Collected Works of the Mother, volume 12, p. 333






9. A Youth that Never Ages

Auroville has been created for those who want to progress, their own progress.

This is written for each one; each one is concerned with himself first.

The Mother, 1972, December 28th






Sincerity, humility, perseverance and an insatiable thirst for progress are essential for a happy and efficient life and above all to be convinced that the possibility of progress is without limit. Progress is youth; one can be young at a hundred years.

Mother's Agenda, 12 January 1972







School is just a preparation to make the students capable of thinking, studying, progressing and becoming intelligent if they can—all that must be done during the entire life and not only in school.

Collected Works of the Mother, volume 12, p. 177







10. A Kingdom of God


The dynamic side of the spiritual urge has not been absent,— the aspiration to a spiritual mastery and mutation of Nature, to a spiritual perfection of the being, a divinisation of the mind, the heart and the very body: there has even been the dream or a psychic prevision of a fulfilment exceeding the individual transformation, a new earth and heaven, a city of God, a divine descent upon earth, a reign of the spiritually perfect, a kingdom of God not only within us but outside, in a collective human life.

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine - Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo, volume 21-22, p. 879







The Divine we seek is not far away and beyond reach: He lies at the very core of His creation and what He expects from us is to find Him and, through personal transformation, become capable of knowing Him, uniting with Him, and finally manifesting Him consciously.  

Mother's Agenda, March 30th 1972







11. A Bridge Between the Past and the Future


Auroville is intended to hasten the advent of the supramental reality upon earth. The help of all those who find that the world is not what it ought to be is welcome. Each one must know if he wants to associate himself with an old world on the verge of death, or to work for a new and better world preparing to be born.

Mother's Agenda, February 1st 1972







12. The Cradle of a New World


We are now witnessing the birth of a new world; it is very young, very weak—not in its essence but in its outer manifestation—not yet recognized, not even felt, denied by the majority. But it is here. It is here, making an effort to grow, absolutely sure of the result. But the road to it is a completely new road which has never before been traced out—nobody has gone there, nobody has done that. It is a beginning, a universal beginning. So, it is an absolutely unexpected and unpredictable adventure. There are people who love adventure. It is these I call, and I tell them this: I invite you to the great adventure. It is not a question of repeating spiritually what others have done before us, for our adventure begins beyond that. It is a question of a new creation, entirely new, with all the unforeseen events, the risks, the hazards it entails—a real adventure, whose goal is certain victory, but the road to which is unknown and must be traced out step by step in the unexplored. Something that has never been in this present universe and that will never be again in the same way. If that interests you... well, let us embark. What will happen to you tomorrow—I have no idea. One must put aside all that has been foreseen, all that has been devised, all that has been constructed, and then... set off walking into the unknown. And—come what may!                                          

Collected Works of the Mother, volume 9, p. 151





13. A Centre of Accelerated Evolution


For thousands of years we have been developing outer means, outer instruments, outer techniques for living — and in the end those means and techniques are crushing us. The sign of the new humanity is a reversal of perspective and the understanding that the inner means, inner knowledge and inner techniques can change the world and master it without crushing it. Auroville is the place where the new way of life is being worked out, it is a centre of accelerated evolution where man must begin to change his world by means of the power of the inner spirit.

Mother's Agenda, 3 August 1968






14. Peace and Harmony


The aims of Auroville



Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity.

Mother's Agenda, 23 June, 1965





Auroville wants to be the first realization of human unity based on the teaching of Sri Aurobindo.

The Mother, 1972







15. An Effective Human Unity


The progress of Life involves the development and interlocking of an immense number of things that are in conflict with each other and seem often to be absolute oppositions and contraries. To find amid these oppositions some principle or standing-ground of unity, some workable lever of reconciliation which will make possible a larger and better development on a basis of harmony and not of conflict and struggle, must be increasingly the common aim of humanity in its active life-evolution, if it at all means to rise out of life's more confused, painful and obscure movement, out of the compromises made by Nature with the ignorance of the Life-mind and the nescience of Matter. This can only be truly and satisfactorily done when the soul discovers itself in its highest and completest spiritual reality and effects a progressive upward transformation of its life-values into those of the spirit...

Sri Aurobindo - The Human Cycle - Collected Works, vol. 25, p. 213/214








16. The Two Tendencies


In this effort to improve human conditions, there have always been two tendencies, which seem to be contrary but which ought to complement each other so that progress may be achieved. The first advocates a collective reorganization, something which could lead to the effective unity of mankind. The other declares that all progress is made first by the individual and insists that the individual should be given the conditions in which he can progress freely. Both are equally true and necessary, and our effort should be directed along both these lines at once. For collective progress and individual progress are interdependent. Before the individual can take a leap forward, at least a little of the preceding progress must have been realized in the collectivity. A way must therefore be found so that these two types of progress may proceed side by side. 

Collected Works of the Mother, volume 12, p. 39







17. The True Spirit of Auroville


The true spirit of Auroville is collaboration and must be more and more so.

True collaboration paves the way to divinity.                       

The Mother, 24.10.1972






I see all kinds of very amusing things pass by; just now, this reflection: "Ah, it’s a Tower of Babel in reverse." (Mother laughs) That’s interesting! They united and divided in the construction, so now, they come together to unite in the construction. That’s it: a Tower of Babel ... in reverse!                                             

Mother's Agenda, 21 September 1966






Q.: What is the right way of achieving lasting world unity?


To realise the consciousness of the ONE.

The Mother, 1965, October 13th









18. The Auroville Symbol



The dot at the centre represents the Unity, the Supreme.

The inner circle represents the creation, the conception of the city.

The petals represent the power of expression, the realisation.

The Mother- 24 August, 1971








Auroville Will be

You say Auroville is a dream.  Yes, it is a “dream” of the Lord and generally these “dreams” turn out to be true, much more true than the human so-called realities!

Note in English to Huta - May 20, 1966





母亲写给Huta的英文便签, 1966520





19. A Dream


There should be somewhere on earth a place which no nation could claim as its own, where all human beings of goodwill who have a sincere aspiration could live freely as citizens of the world and obey one single authority, that of the supreme truth; a place of peace, concord and harmony where all the fighting instincts of man would be used exclusively to conquer the causes of his sufferings and miseries, to surmount his weaknesses and ignorance, to triumph over his limitations and incapacities; a place where the needs of the spirit and the concern for progress would take precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions, the search for pleasure and material enjoyment.


In this place, children would be able to grow and develop integrally without losing contact with their souls; education would be given not for passing examinations or obtaining certificates and posts but to enrich existing faculties and bring forth new ones.


In this place, titles and positions would be replaced by opportunities to serve and organize; the bodily needs of each one would be equally provided for, and intellectual, moral and spiritual superiority would be expressed in the general organization not by an increase in the pleasures and powers of life but by increased duties and responsibilities. Beauty in all its artistic forms, painting, sculpture, music, literature, would be equally accessible to all; the ability to share in the joy it brings would be limited only by the capacities of each one and not by social and financial position.


For in this ideal place money would no longer be the sovereign lord; individual worth would have a far greater importance than that of material wealth and social standing.


There, work would not be a way to earn one's living but a way to express oneself and to develop one's capacities and possibilities while being of service to the community as a whole, which, for its own part, would provide for each individual's subsistence and sphere of action. In short, it would be a place where human relationships, which are normally based almost exclusively on competition and strife, would be replaced by relationships of emulation in doing well, of collaboration and real brotherhood.

The Mother, August 1954 - Mother's Agenda, 18 January 1964












母亲于 19548月讲述-《母亲的议事录》,1964118





20. Auroville Brief History


At the inauguration ceremony of Auroville on 28th February 1968, representatives of 124 countries and 23 Indian States placed a handful of earth from their homelands in a lotus-shaped urn at the centre of the future township, in a symbolic gesture of human unity.

Once a barren plateau of largely red earth, thanks to the untiring tree-planting efforts of the first pioneers Auroville has been transformed into a lush green landscape in which a city is progressively beginning to take shape, radiating out from its centre, the Matrimandir, into four zones — the International, Cultural, Residential and Industrial — each focusing on an important aspect of community life. A Green Belt will surround the entire city area.

Auroville is an expanding community of about 2,800 permanent residents from India and some 55 other countries, as well as a moving population of volunteers and interns, spread over a hundred scattered settlements and a fast growing residential zone.

The residents are engaged in a wide range of activities, including research into a cashless economy, environmental regeneration, organic farming, renewable energy, appropriate building technology, village development, handicrafts and small-scale industries, health care, education, cross-cultural communication and many other fields.

A major source of employment for the 60,000 inhabitants of the local villages, Auroville works closely with them to improve their infrastructure and provide education and health care.

In 1988, the Government of India passed the Auroville Foundation Act "with a view to making long-term arrangements for the better management and further development of Auroville in accordance with its Charter".

Since then, Auroville has continued to experiment and carry out research in different fields so that it may, one day, become "the city the earth needs".






1988年,印度政府通过了《Auroville基金会法案》,“以便根据《Auroville约章》作出长期安排,更好地管理 Auroville,并促进其发展”。







21. Programme

Greetings from Auroville to all men of goodwill.

Are invited to Auroville all those who thirst for progress

and aspire to a higher and truer life.

Mother's Agenda - 28 February 1968








Research through experience of the

Supreme Truth

A life divine


Mother's Agenda - 2 May 1970




但是 没有宗教




the City at the service of Truth








22. Organisation

What political organisation do you want for Auroville?

An amusing definition occurs to me: a divine anarchy.  But the world will not understand.  Men must become conscious of their psychic being and organise themselves spontaneously, without fixed rules and laws – that is the ideal.

For this, one must be in contact with one’s psychic being, one must be guided by it and the ego’s authority and influence must disappear.

                                                                        The Mother, 28 December 1972


我想到一个有趣的定义:神圣的自治。但世人不会理解。人们必须觉知其心灵体(psychic being)[4],自发地组织自己的生活,而不受固定规则和法律的约束——就是这个理想。




In Auroville, nothing belongs to anyone in particular. All is a collective property.

            Mother's Agenda - 13 May 1970




"Auroville is meant for those who want to know the joy of losing the sense of personal property."





23. To Be a True Aurovilian


1. The first necessity is the inner discovery in order to know what one truly is behind social, moral, cultural, racial and hereditary appearances.

At the centre there is a being free, vast and knowing, who awaits our discovery and who ought to become the active centre of our being and our life in Auroville.

2. One lives in Auroville in order to be free from moral and social conventions; but this freedom must not be a new slavery to the ego, to its desires and ambitions. The fulfilment of one's desires bars the way to the inner discovery which can only be achieved in the peace and transparency of perfect disinterestedness.

3. The Aurovilian should lose the sense of personal possession. For our passage in the material world, what is indispensable to our life and to our action is put at our disposal according to the place we must occupy. The more we are consciously in contact with our inner being, the more are the exact means given to us.

4. Work, even manual work, is something indispensable for the inner discovery. If one does not work, if one does not put his consciousness into matter, the latter will never develop.

To let the consciousness organise a bit of matter by means of one's body is very good. To establish order around oneself helps to bring order within oneself.

One should organise one's life not according to outer and artificial rules, but according to an organised inner consciousness, for if one lets life go on without subjecting it to the control of the higher consciousness, it becomes fickle and inexpressive. It is to waste one's time in the sense that matter remains without any conscious utilisation.

5. The whole earth must prepare itself for the advent of the new species, and Auroville wants to work consciously to hasten this advent.

6. Little by little it will be revealed to us what this new species must be, and meanwhile the best course is to consecrate oneself entirely to the Divine.

Mother's Agenda - 3 June 1970
















《母亲的议事录》,母亲于 197063日讲述



We must “be” in all sincerity. What the Divine wants – let it be. That's all.  If we can be that, then we are as we ought to be, and THAT is what we must become. For the rest... for all the rest, we do the best we can. I know it's not easy, but we are not here to do easy things; the whole world is there for those who like an easy life. I would like people to feel that coming to Auroville does not mean coming to an easy life – it means coming to a gigantic effort for progress. As it is now, all those who want an easy life and to do what they please as they please, say, “Let's go to Auroville!” It should be just the opposite. People should know that coming to Auroville means an almost superhuman effort for progress.

Mother's Agenda - 4 April 1972


《母亲的议事录》,母亲于 197244日讲述


Now is the time to be heroic. Heroism is not what people say, it is to be completely united—and the divine help will always be with those who have, in all sincerity, resolved to be heroic. You are here now, I mean on earth, because you once chose to be—you don’t remember it, but I know; that’s why you are here. Well, you must stand up to the task. You must make an effort, you must conquer pettiness and limitations, and above all tell the ego: your time is over. We want a race without ego, with the divine consciousness in place of the ego. That’s what we want: the divine consciousness, which will enable the race to develop and the supramental being to be born.

Mother's Agenda, 2 April 1972



《母亲的议事录》,母亲于 197242日讲述



Auroville Flower



But I DELIBERATELY chose it as the Auroville flower because of that (it's colour which is gold with pink).  And I have the impression that that’s the supramental colour: when I see beings of the supramental, they are... not exactly this colour... It’s not like a flower, it’s like flesh.    

The Mother - 11 July 1970




[1] 克里希纳(Krishna):黑天神,最早出现于印度史诗《摩诃婆罗多》(Mahabharata),在《薄伽梵歌》(Bhagavad Gita)中被称为最高的宇宙精神;是婆罗门教-印度教最重要的神祇之一,被很多印度教派别认为是至高无上的神,也是最具吸引力者。

[2] Matrimandir, 母亲称其为Temple of the Universal Mother, Temple of the Soul, 即“宇宙母亲的殿堂”,“心灵的殿堂”,游客俗称其为The Golden Globe“大金球”、“黄金球”。

[3] 2018年统计数据

[4] 室利·阿罗频多和母亲所指的心灵体(psychic being)是最内在的灵魂、灵性,直接源自至上神性并与其连结,生生世世永恒存在,始终坚持美好和真理,通过各种体验成长,并最终主掌本能,转化人性。它有别于身体、生命和心思,不是欲望之魂(desire-soul),不是超常的心理现象或神秘现象。