Unending Education at Auroville

As Educational Campus
“Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages”. Years after its inauguration, Auroville is entering into a further phase of development: the educational one.

Early stages were the greening of a deserted area, afforestation, and building of the Matrimandir, current stages are the planning and development of the city, organization of the social structure, a different type of economy, and affordable mobility…More and more, Auroville finds its destination as a crossroad, a meeting point among experiences, and cultures, and a real educational campus of Unity in progress.

The early stages were the non-conventional teaching to Auroville children, a balance among allopathic medicine and homeopathic and different healing therapies.

The current stage of development of Auroville shows a constant trend toward the educational aspect: the experiment in itself has already much to offer to the world in terms of achievements, know-how, of experience, and at the same time so much to exchange with knowledge and awareness growing out in all fields everywhere.

This is why more and more workshops, meetings, specialised retreats, and collective explorations are being offered or being hosted in Auroville, in different fields: architecture, sustainability, spirituality, therapies, sports, art, wellness etc.

Establishments like Savitri Bhavan, Pitanga, Verite’, Arka, Quiet, specialized teachings of Tai Chi, Integral Yoga, Natural Healing Therapies, plus occasional workshops, retreats, seminars, collective explorations offer wide opportunities for an “unending education”, at all ages, in all fields, at all levels.

Regular events in Auroville

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