Associate of Auroville

How to Apply 


This annex explains how one can apply for the status, Associate of Auroville. This Annex consists of:

1.  Definition;

2.  Process;

3.  Conditions;

4.  Termination / change of status.

1. Definition

An Associate of Auroville is someone who wishes to engage with the Auroville community, because he / she is currently:

1. A consultant of an Auroville unit / activity;

2. Business associate of an Auroville unit / activity;

3. Involved in a project of Auroville; or

4. Involved in a project of an Aurovilian.

2. Process

1. The first step is to write to the Entry Service expressing the wish to apply for the status,

2. The Entry Secretariat will provide the applicant with an Application Form,

3. The applicant is to fill in and submit the Application Form, together with a letter from the unit / activity or Aurovilian with whom he / she works,

4. The Aurovilian from his / her unit / activity will act as a contact person for this Associate and may be contacted when needed,

5. Once the Application Form is submitted to the Entry Secretariat, the applicant will be announced as an Associate of unit / activity of Auroville by the Entry Secretariat for communityfeedback;

6. Any feedback will be clarified by the Entry Board if needed. If there are special considerations or issues, cases may be referred to the Entry Board for a decision;

7. The Entry Board will process each application, ensuring that the applicant is associated to Auroville either through work or other collaboration, and does not fall under any other category / status in relationship to Auroville;

8. An Associate of Auroville of foreign origin is not entitled to the Entry Visa which is granted to residents of Auroville; obtaining the relevant visa is the responsibility of the Associate.

3. Conditions and Participation / Collaborative spirit of an Associate of Auroville:

An Associate of Auroville status means that the person:

• can use all the guest facilities;

• will be issued an Aurocard. The Financial Service will treat this Aurocard as a normal guest card;

• is expected to pay the monthly contribution. However, the Associate may be exempted from this contribution, depending on the arrangement with, and on the economic situation of  the unit / activity, in which case this contribution shall be paid by this unit / activity;

• may have access to the Matrimandir only when the unit / activity contacts the Matrimandir Access Team, along with the Associate, with a request for the Associate to visit the Matrimandir, in which case the Matrimandir Access Team may treat the card-holder as an intern when booking visits to the Matrimandir;

• may not participate in community decision-making.

An Associate of Auroville is expected to:

• be in compliance with all entry and work regulations of India,

• respect the laws of India, the ideals of Auroville (Ref. to Annex A), and the “Criteria Applicable to all Applicants” as described in this policy,

• be engaged in work in, or for Auroville.

4. Cancellation / change of status:

The cancellation will be processed by the Entry Board:

1. At the request of the Associate of Auroville;

2. At the request of the unit / activity which was in collaboration with the Associate. In this case the Associate will be contacted by the Entry Secretariat to process the cancellation;

3. On the decision of the Entry Board, if the Associate acts in a way which is against the ideals of Auroville (refer to Annex A of this policy) or as described in “Criteria Applicable to all Applicants” in this policy.


Should the Associate wish to join Auroville as an Aurovilian, the change of the status will be done by applying and following the Newcomer Process (refer to section 1 of Annex B).


Please note: The Associate of Auroville status needs to be renewed on an annual basis.

Read the full Auroville Entry Policy 2017  

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