Wildlife in Auroville

An Encounter with Diverse Fauna

Auroville has a remarkable biodiversity that enchants residents and visitors alike. Living in Auroville offers unique encounters with nature, both delightful and challenging. The region's diverse ecosystem fosters a wide array of flora and fauna, creating a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The information in this section is based on the book "Footsteps through the salad" (now called Wildlife Great and Small of India’s Coromandel) by Aurovilian Tim Wrey.

At the bottom of this page, you will also find PDF excerpts from the book on some of the species for an in-depth and rich insight into them.

"In happiness and in suffering, in joy and in grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self, and should therefore refrain from inflicting upon others such injury as would be undesirable to us if inflicted upon ourselves." 
Yogashastra (Jain Scripture)
Toads and Frogs Abound

One of the distinctive aspects of Auroville is its close connection with amphibians. Toads and frogs, including the resonant bullfrogs, are prevalent during the monsoon season when their calls echo through the air. These creatures find their way into the daily lives of Auroville's inhabitants, taking shelter in houses and occasionally surprising residents with their presence. The vibrant chorus of these amphibians during the rains adds a symphony of natural sounds to the surroundings.

Here's a recording celebrating their symphony during Auroville's monsoon.


Auroville has a thriving avian population as well. Thanks to dedicated efforts, peacocks have been introduced into the region. Their resplendent plumage and majestic presence grace the landscape as they freely roam the forested areas and quite often in the city area as well. Additionally, various species of birds, including the Paradise-Flycatcher, fill the air with their melodious songs and captivating flights, making Auroville a paradise for birdwatchers.

In Kaliveli Lake, located nearby, one can marvel at graceful flamingos that fill the skies with their elegant flight formations.

Birds of Auroville

The below fourteen bird species - about a tenth of the total seen in the Auroville township area - have been selected for inclusion on the grounds that they are either very common or very high-profile birds. Auroville has a large diversity of birds with over 150 species.

  1. Babblers
  2. Brainfever Bird or Hawk-Cuckoo
  3. Crows
  4. Drongo
  5. Golden Oriole
  6. Hoopoe
  7. Kingfisher
  8. Koel
  9. Magpie-Robin
  10. Myna
  11. Paradise-Flycatcher
  12. Peacocks
  13. Pond Heron or Paddy Bird
  14. Shikra Hawk

Other noteworthy species include the Bulbul, Common Quail, Treepie, Crow-Pheasant or Coucal, Kites, Owls, Parakeets, Swallows, Weaver Birds and Woodpeckers.


Auroville is home to a diverse range of mammal species. The region's natural habitats and forests support the presence of various mammals, adding to its rich biodiversity. Some of the mammals found in Auroville include Indian Palm Squirrel, Indian Flying Fox, Indian Crested Porcupine and Indian Civet.

Mammals of Auroville

  1. Bats & Flying Foxes
  2. Civets
  3. Foxes
  4. Gerbils
  5. Hares
  6. Jackals
  7. Jungle Cat
  8. Mongooses
  9. Monkeys: The Bonnet Macaque
  10. Pangolin
  11. Porcupine
  12. Rats
  13. Shrews
  14. Spotted Deer or Chital
  15. Squirrels
Indian Civet

Auroville's generous forest cover and balanced ecosystem support a variety of reptiles, such as snakes and lizards, which coexist with humans, often finding shelter near buildings and surrounding areas. Geckos, with their distinctive calls, become familiar roommates.

Reptiles of Auroville

  1. Chameleons
  2. Garden Lizards
  3. Geckos
  4. Monitor Lizards
  5. Skinks
  6. Snakes
  7. Turtles
Garden Lizard
Flying Insects

The region's rich biodiversity supports numerous species of flying insects, which play important roles in pollination, decomposition, and maintaining ecological balance. Common flying insects found in Auroville include butterflies, dragonflies, bees, wasps, and various types of flies. These insects contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of Auroville and add to its natural wealth.

  1. Ant-lions
  2. Bees & Rock-Bees
  3. Beetles
  4. Bugs
  5. Butterflies & Moths
  6. Cicadas
  7. Crickets & Grasshoppers
  8. Dragonflies
  9. Fireflies
  10. Houseflies
  11. Mosquitoes
  12. Praying Mantises
  13. Robber Flies
  14. Wasps
Brown-Backed Red Marsh Hawk Dragonfly
Other Creatures

Among the smaller inhabitants are ants, cockroaches, scorpions, and termites. While they may not be the most glamorous or appealing creatures, they play vital roles in the delicate balance of nature. Ants, with their industrious nature, form intricate colonies and help clean up small dead bodies. Cockroaches, although often associated with unclean environments, serve as decomposers, breaking down organic matter. Scorpions, with their distinctive appearance, contribute to controlling insect populations. Termites, often regarded as pests, have ecological significance as they break down dead plant material, recycling nutrients back into the soil. These humble creatures, though sometimes misunderstood, are an integral part of Auroville's ecosystem.

  1. Ants
  2. Centipedes & Millipedes
  3. Cockroaches
  4. Earthworms
  5. Fleas
  6. Hammerhead Worms
  7. Lice
  8. Pond Striders
  9. Scorpions
  10. Silverfish
  11. Slugs & Snails
  12. Spiders & Giant Red Velvet Mite
  13. Stick Insects
  14. Termites
  15. Ticks
  16. Whip Scorpions
Weaver Ants
Living With Nature & Further Reading 

Here are some PDF excerpts from the book "Wildlife Great and Small of India’s Coromandelby author Tim Wrey, who has lived half his life in Auroville. The introductory article "Living with Nature" provides a wonderful taste of what it is like to live in Auroville and experience its rich and diverse wildlife.

Written in an informal manner for laypersons with occasional touches of light humour, the text is largely free of scientific or zoological terminology. It will appeal to curious readers from all walks of life, expand their horizons and awaken a greater wonder and appreciation of the fascinating natural world that surrounds us.

The book can be purchased here.

Download Living with nature.pdf
Download Frogs & Toads.pdf
Download Mosquitoes.pdf
Download Peacocks.pdf
Download Scorpions.pdf
Download Snakes.pdf