Last updated: 26 Feb, 2024

Trusts under Auroville Foundation

Trusts and units
There are currently over 20 trusts operating in Auroville. Set up under the Indian Trust Act within the overall framework of the Auroville Foundation, the trusts are responsible for proper management of the funds and assets of Auroville’s commercial, research or service units, for which they individually provide legal umbrellas. One such trust is Auromitra, under which Government grants and donations for environmental activities and social welfare projects are received.

Here is an indicative list of Auroville's Trusts:

ADPS Trust                 Auroville Village Action Trust               Inside Trust

Mereville Trust          Discovery Trust                            Kattida Kalai Trust   

ABC Trust                    Guest House Trust                                  Altecs Trust 

Kalki Trust                   Arvinda Trust                        Auroville Service Trust   

Health and Healing Trust    Auroville Export Trust          Auromics Trust   

Tojours Mieux Trust   Free Flow Trust                                      Filaure Trust

Ankur Trust                  Artisana Trust                                        Aurore Trust

CSR Trust                      Auromode Trust                              Auromitra Trust   

For All Pour Tous Trust                                               New Engineering Trust

Aurosarjan Trust         Animal Care Trust                            Swagatam Trust 

Sangamam Trust         Palayam School Trust                Udavi School Trust

New Era Secondary School Trust    GNP Trust                            Team Trust