Samriddhi Windmill

An ecological and sustainable way to access water

Samriddhi Windmill was started by Jean-Marie and Biggie in mid 1970s. 

Acreage: 14     Stewards: Diego and Mani

About Samriddhi Windmill

Diego, the present steward, moved in in January 1982. At that time the land comprised approximately 6 acres. In the mid 80s and early 90s more land was acquired and consolidated with the existing plots. One of the first projects in the mid 80s that was ventured in Samriddhi, was the manufacturing of windmills that provided not only the Aurovilian communities with an ecological and sustainable way to access water, but they were also manufactured and installed in other parts of India. In the early 90s, Aureka developed the metal windmill and so the production in Samriddhi stopped. Today the water in Samriddhi Windmill is still pumped only with the windmill; one of the few Auroville communities still relying only on it. Season planting occurs with a focus on fruits, cashews, and tamarind, all of which is coordinated by Mani.

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