Last updated: 31 Mar, 2016

SAIIER Transport Service

SAIIER Transport Service
This is Auroville’s original collective transport service, operating from the Service Area (opp. Gas Service near Certitude corner). Serving Mon-Sat approx. 7am-7pm, depending on school needs, etc. A variety of vehicles are available relevant to Auroville’s functional needs. Regular services include collecting and delivering children to and from school during term time, sports trips for children, delivering school meals, taking elderly people to their work places and back home, etc.

The SAIIER Transport Service was started in 1985-86. It works mainly for the Auroville schools that need students to be picked up and dropped at specified bus stops, for transporting lunch from Solar Kitchen to all the schools, and for all kinds of field trips and excursion tours. The Saiier Transport also undertakes trips for Aurovilians who want to go to Ashram, or have shopping needs in Pondicherry. Occasionally the service provides transportation for people participating in dance programs, music shows, and other Auroville related programs.

Presently the service has 9 vehicles: 4 buses, 2 vans, 1 jeep , 1 food van and a Honda Bike Unicorn. The Transport also has two new buildings, office cum caretaker’s building and a work shop building. In total there are 6 sheds. In the future the Transport Service plans to get more vehicles according to the schools’ growth and population. There are 11 people working in Saiier Transport Service including 5 Aurovilians. The Transport Service has recently extended the compound by 5 metres; the space will be used for future extension plans.

Ph. 0413-2622235

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