Last updated: 7 Dec, 2017

Regular events in Auroville

Over the years, Auroville is becoming more and more a "campus" for continuous education and sharing of knowledge, workshops, activities and wisdom.

From Savitri studies to Capoeira, from Permaculture to Tango, from Tamil culture to different forms of Yoga, from Cooking to Tai chi, from Tree-climbing to Clay classes, from Sound therapy to Sanskrit mantras, from Frisbee to Creative art, many and many different fields of knowledge are shared in Auroville for its residents and guests, be it by Aurovilians themselves or by accepted visiting lecturers..

It is impossible to attend them all, but each one can choose, from time to time, which activity is useful for personal growth, interest, need and evolution.

News and Notes publishes monthly a list of regular events, which we are reporting here.

An online Auroville Events calendar is openly accessible to all, including Guests and Visitors, on the Auronet Login page: (no need to log in for Guests...just scroll down the page).