Last updated: 22 Jul, 2014

Pitanga Cultural Centre Activities 

Pitanga Cultural Centre Schedule

Pitanga Cultural Centre offers activities in the fields of physical education and culture. Through the year, some 30 therapists & teachers - Aurovilians and long-term friends of Auroville - offer their services to broaden awareness and openness of the body. 

Description of some activities


Auroville has its own branch, Aikikai, developed by students of Tamura Sensei Shihan who practices since many years and regular. New students are welcomed.

Asanas, Iyengar Yoga

Asanas based on the School of B.K.S. Iyengar are yoga exercises done with a lot of precision, using alignment principles, props and therapeutic applications. As per schedule classes are offered by Tatiana or Abha for beginners and practitioners of various levels.

Asanas for the spine

Backache commonly happens at the neck or the lumbar region. Practice of Asanas helps in relieving pain, increasing strength, flexibility and coordination and teaching relaxation.

Asanas for women

A class for women of all ages who are interested in studying the Iyengar way of supporting the women's physical health. The program consists especially of Asanas of the "Subha" type that are helpful in pre-menstrual symptoms / disorders or can relieve pain or headache during menstruation. Pregnant women are advised to join the special class for Pregnant Women.

Sivananda Yoga

Classes of yoga exercises based on the approach developed by Swami Sivananda are focusing on classic Yoga postures (Asanas), breathing exercises and relaxation. The essence of teaching is constituted by the "5 Points of Yoga" which also include diet, positive thinking and meditation. Sivananda Yoga practice consists of twelve basic Yoga poses that seek to increase strength, flexibility, proper breathing and meditation.

Yoga Therapy

Classes are focusing on selected exercises of breathing, like the "Six Healing Sounds" from the Taoist Pranayama, Chi Self Massage exercises and other health enhancing exercises from the Asian healing background. A recurring exercise studied is the Five Tibetan Ritual Movement which is a yogic system of simple yet highly energizing exercises.

Discovery games of the energy body

We are inviting children from 7-9 years to play together with energy, colour and sound for a training on the awareness the subtle energy body.

Odissi Dance

Indian classical dance classes for adult beginners who can commit themselves for a training period of min. 3 months. The class for children is open from the age of 7 years onwards.