Mango Field

Focus on planting hardwoods and pioneer species

The Mango Field was first worked on by Ed Giordano who planted fruit trees, built a well, and constructed a home. Renu, the present steward, settled in 2002 and focused on planting hardwood intermixed among the faster-growing acacia (the pioneering species introduced to build the first level of topsoil before the local varieties could be reintroduced).

Acreage: 9 | Steward: Renu and Isa

Activities at Mango Field

The stewards take care of the existing orchard trees (mangoes, chikoo, limes, etc.) by composting, but they do not have the financial means to do all the harvesting work.

The area is more of an animal sanctuary, as human interference is kept to a minimum. In the last few years, Noe, a youth of Auroville engaged in forestry, has become an active member of the Mango Field community and reforestation activities. The entire area has been bunded to prevent water runoff, and one big water-catchment pond has been dug.