Last School

Auroville School for Middle and High School Students

The Last School facilities needed to relocate to the Cultural Zone from their existing campus near Aspiration, and the design of the new buildings has now woven the various functions of the previous campus together. The Art Centre and the classrooms still have their own distinctive areas, pivoting around a two storey cylindrical block designed to house meeting and quiet spaces at the heart of the plan. The Art Centre comprises four interlocked spaces where art, sculpture and craft are taught and the central spine of the classroom area has been designed to exhibit the artwork of the students - so as they move throughout the day between each classroom they are immersed in an inspiring, ever changing gallery of their own creations. A surrounds the classroom block, and it is an experiment to see if the level can be maintained through a combination of recycled grey water and the rainwater from the roofs.

Architects: David Nightingale & Ganesh Bala