A forest zone with a bamboo grove and a fruit orchard

Infinity initially started as a project to supply the raw material needs of the Bamboo Center but under the current stewardship of Vikram and Andrey, has been planted with Tropical Dry Evergreen species. 

Acreage: 7 | Stewards: Andrey, Vikram C.S

About the Forest

Infinity consists of four separate plots, the main area is right beside a large water catchment pond of the nearby village. In previous years, Infinity has built three dams/large ponds to increase the percolation and water level in the area.

Infinity at the moment consists of one large contiguous forest zone (sanctuary), one accommodation, one storeroom, a chicken house, a small farming area, a fruit orchard, a bamboo grove, and a managed forest zone. In the future, the stewards hope to improve the infrastructure, fence the farmed plot, and improve soil conditions to ultimately develop a food forest and provide accommodations for long-term volunteers.

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