Auroville Dog Shelter

Offering Shelter, Food, and Medical Care to Dogs in Need

The Auroville Dog Shelter aims to provide a safe haven for stray and abandoned dogs in the Auroville community. Its objectives include offering shelter, food, and medical care to dogs in need, promoting responsible pet ownership through education and awareness programmes, facilitating adoptions to loving homes, and implementing sterilization and vaccination campaigns to control the stray dog population. 

Fostering Harmony Between Humans and Dogs

Additionally, the shelter endeavours to create a compassionate and humane environment where dogs can thrive emotionally and physically. Through these efforts, the shelter strives to foster a harmonious relationship between humans and dogs while addressing the welfare needs of these animals.


A dog shelter has existed in Auroville since 2005 but unfortunately despite good intentions by some individuals running the shelter, a lot of mismanagement took place. In April 2023 when the previous IACC Shelter was abolished and the new Auroville Dog Shelter as a registered unit under the Auroville Service Trust took responsibility of almost 300 dogs, things improved tremendously and established the Auroville Dog Shelter as a sanctuary and place of animal care which was approved by the Animal Welfare Board of India and the Department of Animal Husbandry. Currently, the Auroville Dog Shelter is constructing on 6 acres an entirely new home which will become a model animal care centre for the entire region.

A Second Chance for Dogs in Need

The Auroville Dog Shelter currently provides shelter, food, and medical care to stray and abandoned dogs. It conducts sterilization and vaccination campaigns to manage the local dog population responsibly. Additionally, the shelter offers adoption services to find loving homes for the dogs in its care. Educational programs on responsible pet ownership and animal welfare are organized regularly. Volunteers contribute to daily activities such as walking, grooming, and socializing the dogs.

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