Housing Service

Building Community, Building Homes

Auroville Housing Service oversees and manages all Auroville housing assets and new housing projects

From Project to Placement

It takes on the role of project holder, coordinates repairs and maintenance of existing immovable housing assets, and manages the repair fund. Housing Service assists the public in finding temporary, long-term or permanent housing solutions in Auroville.

To manage and develop housing for Aurovilians

Its purpose is to organize, manage and develop the Auroville housing sector in alignment with Auroville’s values and in collaboration with other working groups. Functional areas include: housing development and monitoring, maintenance and repair, administration, financial assistance, Newcomer housing, providing information, providing pro-bono (free) housing; and offering diverse housing options. To meet the urgent housing needs for Newcomers and Aurovilians alike, the Housing Service will need to expand its development branch significantly and strengthen its capacities for fundraising.

Housing Service Team

The team consists of core members and supporting members:

Banu, Saroja, Piero, Venkatesh

Sugarr, Iyyanar, Meena, Logeswari, Neha, Meenakshi, Prem

Ramesh Mishra, civil engineer


Wednesday afternoon:      

02:30 - 04:30 - HS internal meeting mainly for account related matters. 

PHONE: (0413) 262 26 58


Housing Service general email: housing@auroville.org.in

Housing Transfer: housing-transfer@auroville.org.in

Housing Repair: housing-repair@auroville.org.in

Housing Accounting: housing-accounting@auroville.org.in


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