Eastern Forests

Gaia, Samriddhi, Annusuya, and Two Banyans

This group of forests are adored by joggers, horse riders, walkers and bikers. Various paths wind through the forest, and there are also several settlements in this area. This openness requires the stewards to be more present and involved with protecting the forest and ensuring the safety of the people living inside and passing through it.

Acreage: 170 Acres

What's in the Forest

There is a frisbee field, a badminton court, and a natural horsemanship centre, as well as housing for community members. There are lots of beautiful species of trees to admire, such as Diospyros ebenum, Drypetes sepiaria, and Walsura trifoliata. Tree planting and bunding work are still ongoing in these forests, although the bulk of the water conservation work was completed in the 80s, and most areas have been successfully reforested.

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