Auroville Virtual Herbarium

A digital collection of plant specimens

The Auroville Virtual Herbarium is a digital collection of plant specimens. It consists of common and widespread Indian species as well as rare and local woody species of the East Deccan/ Coromandel Coast dry evergreen forests.

Flora of the Coromandel Coast

The previously named Pitchandikulam Forest Virtual Herbarium was started in 2014, as a project of Pitchandikulam Forest, an environmental organisation and community-based in the green belt of Auroville. In 2019 the Auroville Botanical Gardens built a dedicated space to host a new physical herbarium that was previously housed in Shakti Nursery, Auroville. As part of this consolidation of plant specimens, the Virtual Herbarium was transferred in 2020 to the Auroville Botanical Gardens, and was renamed the Auroville Virtual Herbarium to reflect this broader collaboration. The Auroville Team will continue to add plant specimens to the Virtual Herbarium, both from the plant collections in Auroville, and from the forests of the bioregion.

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Original concept, botanical work and design done by Pitchandikulam Forest: Irène Bouguerra & Nicolas Lagarrigue. Special thanks to: Joss Brooks, M Anbarashan, Bérengère Bérieau, Rishi Walker, and Daniela Boban.

Current botanical work and design by Auroville Botanical Gardens: Neil Meikleham, Marie Demont, Paul Blanchflower, A. Sivasankaran

Current website development: Luk Gastmans & Quentin Descosne.

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