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Auroville Timelines

)a media pedagogy and video arts' collective

( registered with Auroville Arts Service )

Upcoming course

8 Days' Film Appreciation : History and Aesthetics
From 30th September to 7th October 2019,

@ Cinema Paradiso, Auroville.

The course will create a historical perspective on Cinema explaining its many internal movements and aesthetic decisions that intersect with social ideas, politics, ethics and other arts using the five main elements: Narrative, Space, Time, Sound, Colour and Non-fiction. These five elements create a grid through which we look at the history of the medium and understand it’s pulls.


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About Auroville Timelines :

The Genesis of ‘Auroville Timelines’ was an intense engagement with the archival footage of Auroville from the formative years, reflecting the pioneering spirit and the labour of love in all its glory.

Auroville Timelines aims to be artistic curator of the recorded memories of Auroville. This curation is for, and with all those who are interested in the history and the making of Auroville - an intentional universal township dedicated to the adventures of consciousness.

From productions and video art, Auroville Timelines long wished to extend its activities to include 'Media Pedagogy'.

With respect to the Mother's dream of having a "cinema studio, a cinema school..", Auroville Timelines is developing a film school, what we may call the 'Auroville Film Institute' in collaboration with Auroville's pioneer and veteran film department - Aurofilm.

The film courses we offer are one the first steps towards the Auroville Film Institute - with an attempt to integrate the experience of world cinema and world citizenship, to widen consciousness.


Auroville Timelines' Projects:

Where does it begin? In words, one can describe only from a point, sequentially. But what of something that begins from all points –all planes-- simultaneously? Two question arise necessary to establish a context, a perspective, a beginning: What is school and who is the child in Auroville?

"A Tribute to the Soiled Hands and Feet" - A Video Art Installation

Televisions in concentric circles become mnemonic mirrors of 'The Dream'. Repeating themselves to redundancy, filmed realities break free of the 'film form' and 'the director's tyranny'. Imagination becomes the only refuge   

"A Tribute to the Soiled Hands and Feet" - A Video Art Installation

* Curated by Richa Hushing & Rrivu Laha, this Video Art Installation was exhibited in Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas during the 51st anniversary celebrations of Auroville from 4th February to 10th March 2019.


Auroville Timelines
Supported by the 50th Anniversary Team
A project under the Auroville Arts Service

Project Directors: Richa Hushing & Rrivu Laha

Auroville Timelines, c/o Auroville Archives, Next to Auroville Foundation, Auroville, Tamil Nadu - 605101 / 9969879319