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Auroville Film Institute

Auroville Film Institute is manifestation of the long standing dream of the Mother (Mirra Alfassa - the founder of Auroville) of having a "cinema studio, a cinema school..." in Auroville.

Dedicated to the cinema of awakening, the Auroville Film Institute has following guiding principles:

·         Unending education and constant progress;

·         Technical training for mastery over the art and craft of filmmaking;

·         Time travel : Create narrative vehicles taking us from deepest within to farthest around in the past, present and the future; widening our consciousness, giving us 'Darshan' / insight.

·         Courageous flights between dreams, realities and alternatives;

·         Critical appreciation, mentoring and production of conscious cinema;
also of innovative experimental multimedia art forms;

·         Human Unity

We are beginning to offer a series of film appreciation and film making courses in collaboration with India's premier film institute, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune ( We are also beginning to organise film study groups, individualized mentorship and student exchange programmes.


Upcoming Courses:

"Mise-en-scene: From Idea to Film

19th December 2019 to 12th January 2020
25 days full time (with Christmas and New year day break)

Course Type:
Master Class Series – with
Sudipto Acharyya (Direction and Screenwriting)
Shanti Bhushan (Cinematography)
Amitabh Chakravarty (Editing)
Madhu Apsara/Vipin Bhati (Sound Design)

Course Overview

Mise-en-Scene is central to the art of Cinema. It begins with the moment a Director starts toying with an idea. From there on, it evolves with a series of directorial decisions to visualise the idea as a screenplay and then to actualize it as a film. This Mise-en-Scene workshop will expose the participants to the various intricate thought processes, elements of craft, necessary conditions of cinematic art form and hands-on practice in Writing-Directing-Cinematography-Editing-Sound Design. Each of these areas will be tutored by ace filmmakers who are also renowned film academicians.

A ‘Mise-en-scene’ is naturally anchored in a space and determined by a central theme. This Mise-en-Scene workshop will be anchored in the exciting multi-dimensional space of Auroville; and determined by a central theme ‘Time Travel’.

The participants will learn the fundamentals of direction, storytelling and screenwriting; and apply them in writing their short film scripts. A script will be collaboratively worked out for production; the production will be based in Auroville, thus rendering it an interesting Auroville dimension.

The production will be a part of the cinematography master class; followed by an editing and then sound post production master class – thus we will have a final short film ready through a series of master classes.

The short film will be screened on 12th January 2020 as a part of the closing ceremony of the 6th Auroville Film Festival. The participants will have access to the festival – during the evenings after class hours (from 7th to 12th January 2020).

For details and registration please visit :"

Facebook group

For more information please contact Richa / Rrivu at:

9969879319 /"

Courses to be announced soon:

·         9 Days' Introductory Course in Screenwriting

·         25 Days' Mise-en-Scene - Script to Screen Workshop

·         15 Days' Acting workshop - 'Acting for film vis-a-vis acting for theatre'

·         50 Days' Documentary Filmmaking Workshop

·         4 Days' Workshop on 'Cinema and Architecture'

·         2 Days' Seminar on 'Myth making and Image making / Mythology and Filmmaking'

·         2 Days Seminar on 'Archiving and Social Memory'


Auroville Film Institute is an extension of Aurofilm;
Project Directors: Surya, Richa Hushing & Rrivu Laha;
Honorary Member: Gerard

Auroville Film Institute, c/o Aurofilm, Kalabhumi, Auroville, Tamil Nadu - 605101 / 0413 2622037