Auroville Resident Service

Visa Extensions, Passport Registrations for Long-Term Residents

The Residents Service which began in 1990 offers crucial support to Aurovilians and Newcomers with their visa process

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Multiple Tasks

The tasks of the Residents Service (RS) include (1) the registeration of new Residents for FRRO (with new visa); (2) helping non-Indian residents with application for the renewal of their visa, registration of new passports online with the FRRO; (3) updating the list of all the residents, keeping attendance (arrival & departure) of the residents (Indian and non-Indian); and, (4) Issue of certificates of residence for Indians and non-Indians and providing information about visa renewal and related matters.

Members: Uma, Priya, Eva

In active service since 35 years
The Backbone of Auroville

The present team has issued more than three thousand letters (certificates of residence) and helped to register approximately 1000 new residents. The team updates the Master List of all the residents' data on a daily basis, provides working groups with information needed about Aurovilians, and sends lists of arrival and departure for non-Indians to Financial Service, FFRO and AV Foundation and prepares monthly nationality breakup.

The Auroville Residents Service is the only service of its kind in Auroville. It facilitates visa extension, registration of passports, Newcomer registration, updating Master List of residents, and issuing proof of residency for OCI, new passport applications, etc.

Recently, the team worked in a new programme with AIIS and it was a very challenging task for it took 6 months just to learn it.

The Residents Service provides its full support for the community on multiple levels.

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