Last updated: 12 Jun, 2023

Volkher Eike Riech

In the evening of Thursday 11 May, German Aurovilian Volkher Eike Riech quietly left his body in his Mahalakshmi Home apartment. He would have been 82 in June and had been suffering severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Having worked as an Ocean Scientist before coming here, Volkher first arrived in Auroville in ’97 and became Aurovilian two years later. Being keenly interested in geological and environmental issues, he was drawn to Auroville’s green work, and worked and lived during his first years in Darkali, Discipline and Aurogreen.

He then moved to Vikas and started working at the Botanical Gardens, where he initiated and maintained the centre’s elaborate cactus gardens which he kept up until health issues interfered four years ago.

However, his interest remained and pretty soon he moved into Mahalakshmi Home where he continued creating a cactus garden and arrangements on the balcony. His smiling presence there is truly missed.

In the afternoon of Monday 15 May, Volkher’s body was buried at the Auroville burial grounds.

Our condolences go out to Volkher’s son Klaus, wife and grandson, to his close friend Anne, as well as to his personal aide and good friend Shankar Ganesh, who was practically daily and night with him during the last months.


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