Last updated: 8 Mar, 2023

Ulf Meuller

Ulf Meuller left his body on the evening of March 1st, 2023.

Ulf Meuller has been a good friend and well-wisher of Auroville since his first visit here together with his wife Birgitta in 2001. During that first visit, a program on organizational training for our working groups was initiated together with him and Birgitta, and for the next three years they came and worked with our groups, mainly the Working Committee and the Auroville Council. During that time Ulf also arranged for the Chief Architect of his hometown Halmstad in Sweden to participate in the EU Conference held in Auroville.

Since then, Ulf and Birgitta visited Auroville every year except during Covid. With his openness and interest in a deepened understanding of life, Ulf made friends wherever he went, in Auroville and in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in Tiruvannamalai and in the Krishnamurti Center in Chennai where he also visited during his yearly stays in India. Ulf made friends and kept them.

Meetings together were always warm and he was always interested to understand, to speak deeply and there was always laughter close by. Ulf had a positive outlook on life, always seeing possibility, love and for Auroville, always Mother and Sri Aurobindo at the center of what Auroville is.

During this trip to India, during his visit here, Ulf has left his body. It seems a choice, handing himself over in Her arms, in full surrender. Meeting Ulf a few days before he fell ill, there was friendship, gentleness and a soft flow of gratitude in life and all it gives.

His wife Birgitta and his son Magnus were with him when he passed away. In the afternoon of 3 March, his body was cremated at the Auroville burial grounds, where we welcomed this dear friend for his last rituals together with us.

​Ulf is walking that golden bridge, safe and happy, coming for Their Darshan.


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